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Deep square neckline: Red carpet favourite

Posted on Feb 04 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, Feb 4 : American models and stars have fallen for a new neckline. They have renounced V-neck outfits and made way for those with deep square necklines.

Here's a list of celebrities who were spotted wearing the neckline in trend, reports

* Kim Kardashian: The socialite was seen in a flowing black gown that covered her entire body except for her chest. The gown had a straight-sided neckline that went down till her diaphragm.

* Alicia Keys: She wore a clinging royal blue dress with a square neckline that almost reached her navel.

* Alessandra Ambrosio: Brazilian model also embraced the bold look in a floor-length beaded gown which covered her arms and legs. But her deep neckline let her show-off her cleavage.

* Jessie J: The singer also got on the trend when she stepped out in a black floor-length halterneck dress cut down to her waist band.

* Malin Akerman: The Swedish-American actress-model wore a black gown with the deep geometric neckline.

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