Hyderabad, May 26 UNI | 2 months ago

The division of the state into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is complete at least on paper while the new boards for the new states will be in place when the new governments will take over the reins of administration from June 2.

As per the directions from the Governor's office the shifting of files, furniture and other paraphernalia from the 176 government offices has begun.

The division includes distribution of printers, computers, fax machines, papers and even pins between the two separating states.

As per the Building division committee, the A, B, C, D blocks in state secretariat have been allocated to Telangana, with a row of flower pots dividing them from AP secretariat with H, J, K and L blocks.

Andhra Pradesh designate CM Chandrababu Naidu will be occupying the office in the oldest block (H) in the secretariat instead of the L block chosen for him.

Chief Secretary designate IYR Krishna Rao, along with experts visited the L block on Saturday and discussed the feasibility of setting up CM's office there.

The present Assembly building was allocated to Telangana and the old Assembly which currently houses the office of Speaker went to residual state of AP. However the Council building stays with AP and the Jubilee hall has been allocated to Telangana to run it's Council from there for ten years.

While Chief Minister's official residence on the Begumpet Public road was allocated to Telangana CM and the Lakeview Guest House on Rajbhavan road was to house AP chief minister, neither KCR nor Chandrababu Naidu are in a mood to shift to the official accommodation immediately.

Telangana CM designate K Chandrashekhar Rao, a strict follower of Vaastu, is not keen on shifting to the official residence where the earlier occupants, Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy and N Kirankumar Reddy had an abrupt end to their careers.

The AP Bhavan in Delhi also has been divided between both the states, however, there will two resident commissioners overseeing the day to day operations.

However, the Telangana Government Employees (TGE)unions have urged the Government Building Division Committee Chairman Syambabu not to allocate part of the secretariat to AP government.

TGE who submitted a memorandum to the committee, argued that having Seemandhra employees in close vicinity will rake up old enmity and create bad blood. They also urging the committee to allocate the Dr MCR Human Resources Development building in Banjara Hills to AP.

Similarly, all the vehicles appearing for registration before the RTA officers in the ten districts in Telangana from 2 June will be given the TG (for Telangana) tag and new numbers indicating the district of purchase.

However, the officials are not clear about fate of the vehicles already running with the AP registration numbers in Telangana.

Other paraphernalia such as state bird for Telangana and the state logo are also getting ready for the D day.

While Blue Jay (Palapitta) will be the Telangana state's official bird the logo which has only the Kakatiya Arch in the middle, now is in the middle of a controversy with the Majlis demanding a place for historical icon 'Charminar' in the Telangana logo.

'The Majlis itself has earlier claimed that Charminar is a religious structure, if that is so, why a religious structure on state logo,' BJP (Telangana) President Kishan Reddy said objecting to the proposal.

(Posted on 27-05-2014)