Belgaum, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

Padma Bhushan Sam Pitroda today said Internet has changed everything and it has changed business model, education, health, product, process, services and governance.

Delivering his Convocation address at the 13th annual convocation of VTU here, he said 'with internet the reach has changed and reaches has increased, to me internet is the biggest thing that happened to mankind after 50 years.'

He said Internet can bring world community together. Technology is the greatest social learner and it is all about problem solving. Some use technology and some abuse it. It has done great deal in the last longtime, decreased infant mortality, improved transportation and energy resources, improved comfort of the people and lifted large number of people from poverty across the world.

"We have improved in our technology, the best example is, last year we produced highest food production ever. The technology was given more importance during Rajiv Gandhi period. Now more than 900 million phone used in India, this all credits go to Rajeev Gandhi," he added.

Mr Pitroda said "today technology is required in water, sanitation, environment, food, education, health transportation and housing. With proper technology, we can make out of the box; in years to come, with the technology, the life span of human being may increase to 125 to 150 years or even more; we will be having solutions to every possible deceases. The body parts will be available like spare parts of an auto. Even after having two by-pass surgeries and four stints, today I am in front of you is all because of technology."

Karnataka Minister for Higher Education R V Despande distributed gold medals. In all, 68 gold medals were given to 22 students.

(Posted on 21-05-2014)