New Delhi, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi today stepped through the portals of Parliament House for the first time with deference and prayers.

He bowed in reverence and once inside while addressing the august gathering of BJP veterans and newly-elected members in the Central Hall wowed all with his speech during which he also broke down bringing tears in many eyes.

Among the highlights of his first address in Parliament House are: --We encapsule the aspirations of billions of people who have voted for us.So we have a very big responsibility which calls for full dedication. --This government will dedicate(samarpan) itself to poor, the youth and women. Our priority will be to fulfill their aspirations. We have dreams to fulfil their dreams. --Modi Object to use of word 'kripa' by Advaniji.(Breaks down) Can serving the mother be a favour? A son is only dedicated to serve the mother, my country. For me BJP is also my mother. The favour has been done by the Party. --Fractured verdict would have meant anger against the previous government. But the clear verdict to BJP shows people voted for hope and aspiration. --I am not doing any favour, only performing a duty. This victory is a result of struggle of 5 generations. --I am a very optimistic man and only an optimistic man can bring optimism in the country. --Want to assure people there is no need for pessimism going by the past bad experience. The country has huge potential. --I don't believe that the previous governments did nothing. They deserve appreciation for whatever good they did. --We are not here for any posts but carry the responsibility to fulfil aspirations. There is new hope among people that we can fulfil their aspirations. --I will try to live up to the expectations of people. Will present a report card to people in 2019. --It is a historic moment as for the first time Parliament will have a Prime Minister born post-independence. --We never got a chance to struggle and die during the freedom fight. But now we have the opportunity to live and serve the country.

(Posted on 21-05-2014)