Kolkata, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

Indian Railways carried 43.26 million tonnes (MT) of coal in April 2014, down by 8.59 per cent from 47.33 MT in March 2014.

India Coal Market Watch (ICMW) said the revenue earnings of IR from chugging coal also fell 7.09 per cent to Rs 3,501.18 crore in April 2014 from Rs 3,768.60 crore in March 2014, mainly due to lower transportation of the fossil fuel.

However, compared to last year, transportation of coal in April 2014 was marginally lower by 0.69 per cent from 43.26 MT in April 2013. The Railways' revenues from coal transportation moved up 2.55 per cent to Rs 3,501.18 crore in April 2014 compared to Rs 3,414.13 crore in the same month last year.

Overall, the Railways' revenue earnings from commodity-wise freight traffic rose year-on-year in April to Rs 8,071.17 crore, up 8.12 per cent compared to Rs 7,465.04 crore earned in April 2013 but down by 11.19 per cent from Rs 9,088.80 crore earned in March 2014.

Revenues from transportation of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic users in April 2014 fell to Rs 684.71 crore, down 25.34 per cent from Rs 917.12 crore in March 2014. The quantity of iron ore transported also fell 19.78 per cent to 9.53 MT in April compared to 11.88 MT in the previous month.

Revenues from transportation of cement in April 2014 stood at Rs 862.57 crore (10.54 MT) compared to Rs 954.87 crore (11.95 MT) in March 2014, while that from foodgrains transportation fell to Rs 711.37 crore (4.38 MT) in April 2014 from Rs 809.17 crore (5.24 MT) in March 2014 in the previous month.

The Railways' revenues from transportation of fertilisers in April fell sharply by 5.4 per cent to Rs 271.87 crore (2.64 MT) from Rs 300.40 crore (2.7 MT) in March.

Revenues from transportation of petroleum oil and lubricant (POL) in April 2014 stood at Rs 465.77 crore (3.57 MT), while the same from pig iron and finished steel from steel plants and other points were Rs 476.14 crore (3.1 MT). Revenues from container services were at Rs 365.84 crore (3.77 MT) and from transportation of other goods at Rs 607.19 crore (6.66 MT).

(Posted on 21-05-2014)