Hyderabad, May 14 UNI | 2 months ago

Senior BJP National Leader M Venkaiah Naidu today said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, though honest and simple, ended up being seen as a protector of the corrupt for the sake of power.

Addressing a press conference, Mr Naidu claimed Dr Singh maintained personal integrity but tolerated corruption. 'Dr Manmohan is seen as a weak and ineffective Prime Minister handing over power to the extra- constitutional authority-- the Congress President', Mr Naidu alleged.

Dr Manmohan Singh was in power without authority, Mr Naidu said and added being a great economist himself, his regime saw slow down in growth, continuous inflation, negative industrial growth and the weak investor sentiment.

He said the Prime Minister started with 8.4 growth rate when Mr Vajpayee demitted office with 4.8 per cent growth. MORE UNI VV SY AS1839 NNNN c:usersuserdesktopunicommond14MS46.html ************************************************************************

'Dr Singh has no political base and that is why he could not acquire an identity for himself even after being in power for 10 years,' Mr Naidu claimed.

BJP fought 2014 elections on the planks of good governance and development because people were dying for development and they saw hope in Mr Modi.

They wanted a strong leader and stable government. The Congress and other parties who could not match either Mr Narendra Modi's personality or his credentials indulged in low level of campaigning, including hurling personal abuses and attacks.

'BJP is confident of getting majority on its own with its present allies.

'We will reach the 300 mark. We are willing to take the support of any party without letting down our present allies,' Mr Naidu added.

(Posted on 15-05-2014)