London, May 12 UNI | 3 months ago

A researcher has revealed that yelling rude words like Liam Gallagher or Gordon Ramsay loudly is excellent for fitness.

According to psychologist Richard Stephens, using swear words in emotional situations can help in strengthening the balance of mind and it will make people feel stronger, the Daily Star reported.

Stephens said that if a person is holding an ice-cold glass of water, he/she will hold on to it for longer if they curse because it gives them relation to mental reaction of what they feeling physically.

The study found that volunteers playing a shoot-out video game were able to think of only around seven swear words before they started playing and, in fact, they were shy of using them but after the game was over they felt more aggressive with improved mischievous language.

(Posted on 12-05-2014)