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Army Commander reviews exercise Sarvada Vijay

Posted on May 05 2014 | IBNS

New Delhi, May 4 : Lieutenant General Arun Kumar Sahni witnessed the conduct of exercise 'Sarvada Vijay' on Saturday and Sunday in Rajasthan.

The Army Commander was initially briefed on the training aspects and later witnessed the conduct of the exercise in the field.

Exercise Sarvada Vijay is being conducted as part of routine training where a designated Army formation is practicing and honing its war fighting skills.

Composite infantry and mechanised forces practiced swift manoeuvres as part of the air - land battle.

"Networked radars, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and aerial surveillance platforms ensured continuous flow of information resulting in battlefield transparency which enabled Commanders to assess and suitably modify their operational plans to meet the emerging challenges. Mobile communication systems integrated with terrestrial network provided efficient 'communication during manoeuvres," the Army said in a statement.

Over two days with the Strike Corps, the Army Commander also reviewed the command and control structures that facilitate synergy between Army and Air Force in launching a coordinated air-land battle.

The ability to orchestrate battle in a network centric environment was also successfully validated.

"The Army Commander appreciated the standard of training of the formation and complimented the formation on its battle readiness," read the statement.

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