Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), May 6 ANI | 1 year ago

Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi and his party for actually introducing politics of hatred .

Addressing a rally here Narendra Modi said:"We do not point fingers at your (Rahul Gandhi) family but you keep abusing me. Should not one get agitated on those who loot our country and are not able to protect our women. Who has introduced the politics of hatred? It is Rahul Gandhi who tore apart a government legislation when the prime minister was away. It is the Congress party led by his mother which did not even allow the mortal remains of former prime minister P. V Narsimha Rao to be brought inside the party office. It is the Congress party which forcibly ousted former Congress president Sitaram Kesari in order to make way for Sonia Gandhi to become as president. People will give you answer through the poll button on whatever smear campaign you had run against me in ten years of your rule" .

He stated that these elections were not being fought by leaders, but by the citizens who are fighting these elections.

Modi said that irrespective of any party colour all the prominent leaders are indulging in attacking him rather than on working on issues of development. "All the leaders are silent on what programmes they have to generate employment, or for farmers, and to protect our daughters and mothers ; they only want to stop Modi, they get shaken when they hear about Modi."

He said that the party which has looted the country should not be left scot-free,"Congress is scared of me, because they know where their place will be after 16th May. Those who have looted should they be left scot free?"

He said that the moment when he was declared as BJP's prime ministerial candidate he has ben thinking of solutions to the problems which the country is facing. "Since, I was declared BJP's prime ministerial candidate I have been thinking how to find solutions for all our problems, while they are only concerned about dealing with me," Modi said.

He attacked Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for not having concern for the farmers who have committed suicide, "Lal Bahadur Shashtri had vouched for Jai Jawan,Jai Kisan, while the mother son duo government believes in Mar Jawan, Mar Kisan. Greater number of farmers have committed suicide than the number of soldiers who died in the wars which India has fought."

He attacked Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi -- mother-son duo --for not heeding to the apex court direction to distribute excess vegetables to the needy poor.

"This mother-son duo didn't even heed to the Supreme Court's order on distributing excess vegetables, but instead of listening to the court it allowed those vegetables to become rotten and then they sold it to liquor manufacturers Therefore they care little about farmers welfare,' Modi said.

(Posted on 04-05-2014)

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