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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Narendra Modi on Friday said that without developing the eastern part of the country, the nation cannot progress, and hence, he chose Varanasi to reach out to people residing in the east.

"The country has been looted and destroyed. Therefore, we cannot allow it to be destroyed anymore. I have a dream, but without your help, I cannot fulfill it. I do not seek anything. When I stand in front of the map of India, I immediately see the fact that the western half of the country, whether it is Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab or Haryana, they have some strength. But, in contrast, the eastern half of the country is in pain and despair. If the country has to be strengthened, then both halves have to be made powerful," Modi said at a rally in Basti.
Unless places like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Assam, Odisha or Andhra develop, the country cannot grow. It cannot develop with just Gujarat growing. I came to Varanasi to connect with the entire eastern half of this country. If I do not live with you, I will never understand your pain. Hence, I have come in the lap of Goddess Ganga," Modi added.
"This place has a historic connection with me. While I was touring this place in 2001 for party work, I had to go back midway. I had no idea why I was called back. My party gave me the responsibility to become as the chief minister of Gujarat. I took the blessings of this soil," Modi added.
He described the 2014 election as being altogether different, as the opposition's sole objective was to unseat him and prevent him from coming to power.

"You may be hearing the speeches of leaders of the opposition in various media forms, be it television or newspapers, their only motto is to not let Modi win this election. Earlier, in all other elections, the opposition parties used to unite to remove the incumbent government. This time, the Congress Party has already finished their dream of having their own government. They do not want to save their own country. They only want to stop Modi. Have you ever seen a tea-seller taking their sleep away. They used to think they were unassailable, and now, a tea-seller is uprooting them from power. They know very well that on May 16, if Modi comes to power, what they can expect, and therefore, they are shaken," Modi remarked.
"Should those who have looted the country be left scot free? It is through the poor's money that the country is run and it doesn't allow anyone to loot. You should never allow this country to be looted," the BJP prime ministerial candidate said.

"Who says one has to resort to corruption and not live public life? I am a chief minister of a well- to- do state like Gujarat- I have been the chief minister of the state for fourteen years, but see my mother, who is 90-years-old, and still prefers to ply an auto to come to vote."

He also talked about the sugar cane farmers in order to ameliorate the problems in the state.

Modi asked the people to do away with the three parties SP, BSP and the Congress, "In Uttar Pradesh the entire family is involved in looting. You must do away the Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Congress which plays from behind. Therefore you must end their game which has been running for last six decades."

Modi asked: "You tell me even after sixty years of independence shouldn't the people get electricity? I am not making any false promises of building a house made of gold or a Mercedes-car to pick you up from your house."

He rued the fact that living in the 21st century still people go out in the open for defecation for lack of proper sanitation.

"We are living in 21st century where around 90 percent household which do not have proper sanitation facility. Women have to wait till the dark to go to the field to defecate. Don't you feel ashamed or not? Don't you think how much of a pain those women have to bear. I do not make tall promises; I want to bring changes in your life. I want you all to eat together with your family," Modi rued.

Modi stated that a ruler cannot distinguish with its people and must treat all equally.

"A ruler has no right to distinguish and it must see everyone equal in his eyes. What is the reason that Mulayam Singh is concerned about electricity for his own village while not showing concern for the rest. If someone who cannot even provide the basic electricity then what good he will do for you. Have you seen any good educational institutions here of repute. Don't you think the children of this region have any dreams like the others do. The country doesn't need a ruler, it needs someone who can serve. So just give sixty months to a servant to serve you," Modi added.

(Posted on 03-05-2014)

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