Hyderabad, Apr 30 UNI | 3 months ago

In today's polling in Telangana area in eight Districts out of the ten districts, ECIL made EVMs were used while BEL made over were utilized in the remaining districts.

In these districts ,about 50,000 Control Units and 85,000 Ballot Units are used, Hyderabad-based Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)said in a release here tonight. During polling process, the units replaced were much less than 1 per cent and the polling process continued.

During the polling process some of the EVMs supplied by ECIL went into FAIL SAFE MODE, which means that EVM has gone in to inoperative mode due to a pre-defined interlock, the Company said.

This inoperative mode is not a failure of the unit and it can be restored back to the operative mode in the factory. The data recorded in these machines is intact and can be retrieved, the release said.

The EVMs used in today's poll are the upgraded version of the earlier EVM and it has high security features.

This version of the EVMs is being used in such large quantities for the first time today, the release claimed.

(Posted on 01-05-2014)