New Delhi, Apr 16 UNI | 3 months ago

Raising the issue of the huge expenditure in the public rallies and the election campaign by BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, the Congress today asked the BJP to reveal the source of the 'Black money ' being spent in its election campaign.

Talking to reporters here, senior Congress leader and Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal said, "I want to ask the BJP and its PM candidate Narendra Modi.. from where is all this 'Black money ' being spent on the public rallies and the election campaign of the BJP, is coming from. Who is financing the election campaign of Modi." Alleging that some big corporate houses were financing the campaign of Mr Modi, Mr Sibal said some big people were coming out with funds (for the election campaign of Modi) then there would be a time when they will want their due.

Describing the BJP as a "party of the rich and for the rich", Mr Sibal said, "if one looks at the amount of money spent on public rallies by Modi before March 5, one would find huge amounts of nearly Rs 15 crore to Rs 40 crore have been spent on each of the rallies. I want to ask BJP and Mr Modi- who is funding these rallies. All this is nothing but Black money. They say that the Congress is corrupt but it is they (BJP) that have all the money. ' '

In this contest, Mr Sibal alleged that nearly Rs 300 crore was spent on Mr Modi 's rallies in Uttar Pradesh alone. He said those in the BJP had been claiming that nearly Rs 5,000 crore was being spent on his poll expenditure. Of this Rs 2,500 crore was spent on buying spots on general entertainment,news and even sports channels.

"The party which talks about corruption should explain where all this money is coming from. Mr Modi, who talks about the Black Money abroad, should first tell people about the Black money coming from Gujarat," Mr Sibal said.

The people of the country needed to know from where this money was coming,he said.

(Posted on 16-04-2014)