Tiruchirapalli, Apr 14 UNI | 3 months ago

Communist Party Of India (Marxist) polit bureau member Brinda Karat said there is no space for poor, farmers, traders and the working class in the present Indian political system and called up on the people to change the situation.

Addressing the street corner election campaign meetings in support of the party's nominee for the Tiruchirapalli Lok Sabha seat S Sridhar in different parts of the city today, Ms Karat also pointed out that the present political situation of the country is distant from the common people.

The present 'politics for money' should change and the party would now fight the Lok Sabha elections to ensure some important changes not only in the Government but also in the policies that are brought about, she added.

She claimed 70 Indian capitalists had Rs 24 lakh crores whereas 80 per cent of the Indians could afford to spend Rs 50 per day.

She also pointed out to some becoming richer and some becoming poorer and said it was time to change the situation through this election.

The change should involve not only the leaders but also policies.

She said, 'We have to ensure dignity of the working class and for this we should also ensure the strong presence of the left forces in the new parliament.'

Ms Karat came down heavily on both the Congress and BJP and said these two parties are two sides of a coin and their policies also were same--to protect the rich and not the poor.

Indian politics fully dominated with the needs of the rich and not the common people, she added.

She also criticised both the ruling AIADMK and the DMK in Tamil Nadu and their political stands and said both these two regional parties did not want to talk about the policies and they wanted to talk about the leaders.

She further asked why the AIADMK and DMK did not speak about the communal BJP and RSS and said people of this country will not allow such opportunistic politicians.

Referring to the performance of the Congress led UPA government at the Centre, she said the UPA governemnt had failed to create an atmosphere for the people to lead a decent life, and the poor economic policies, inflation and other anti-people attitude of the UPA Government like failure in checking the price hike, forced the people to live with sorrowf, she allleged.

Ms Karat termed RSS as 'Rashtriya Nasa Sakthi' and said the party will fight the RSS' communal approach and ensure equal rights for the minorities of the country.

She said the BJP is now taking up the construction of Ram Mandir as a tool to form government at the Centre.

She also pointed out that due to opportunistic politics of both the ruling AIADMK and the DMK, a the number of Muslim youths were in jail for years together in Tamil Nadu and it was decided that a CPI(M) delegation would meet the President of India and seek his intervention into the early release of the innocent Muslim youth, she added.

She said the ongoing Lok Sabha election is a fight against corruption, to change the wrong policies, to set right the country's economy, to ensure and to protect the democracy and secularism, and aded that non-BJP and non-Congress front could alone to do these good things for the betterment of the country. She called upon the voters to reject both the Congress and BJP and to support the Left forces in the election.

(Posted on 15-04-2014)