Tiruchirapalli, Apr 9 UNI | 4 months ago

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president B S Ganadesikan today took strong exception to the reported appeal of AIADMK Supremo and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa to the people to see that the Congress candidates in all the 39 Lok Sabha constituencies forfeit deposits.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Ganadesikan also said only people can decide on such things and not Ms Jayalalithaa.

It might happen if anybody changes the ballot boxes, he remarked in a lighter vein.

On the Sri Lankan Tamils issue,he said it was not at all an election issue.

Some parties in Tamil Nadu took up the issue purely for political survival.

To a question if the Congress would face the elections in Tamil Nadu on its own, he said as far as he was concerned he was for the party to face the elections on its own.

Citing previous performance of the Congress Party in Tamil Nadu, he said it had face the 1977 Assembly election on its own and won 25 seats. In the 1989 assembly elections the party had won 27 seats on its own.

Besides, the party secured 20 to 22 per cent of votes across Tamil Nadu and if the trend continued, the party can capture power in Tamil Nadu.

Mr Ganadesikan also endorsed Former TNCC President K V Thangabalu's claim because the Congress in Tamil Nadu had alliance with AIADMK or the DMK,the party could not grow further.

He also told AICC President Sonia Gandhi because of forging alliance with the dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, the Congress space in the State had reduced and here after "we should go it alone and to face the elections."

Referring to the reported allegations against the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre having betrayed the Sri Lankan Tamils, he said India had no different of opinion about the war crimes and human rights violation against the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the India had clarified this at the recent human rights summit of the UNHRC at Geneva. In the last five years, the UPA Government at the Centre had undertaken rehabilitation measures to the tune of Rs 4000 crore.

He also ruled out the possibility of implementing DMK president M Karunanidhi and AIADMK Supremo and Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's suggestions India impose economic ban on Sri Lanka and said if it did, ultimately the Sri Lankan Tamils would suffer further.

Asked when th Tamilnadu Fishrmen issue will be permanently solved, Mr Ganadesikan replied when the proposed second round of talks between the both the country fishermen was completed, the problem will be solved.

He further said a sum of Rs 6.5 lakh would be released from the Tamil Nadu Congress Charitable Fund towards providing education to the wards of the fishermen of Rameswaram.

No political party in Tamil Nadu had extended such help, he claimed.

Justifying the price hike on petroleum products, Mr Ganadesikan said no one should blame the Union Government alone on this.

The state governments should come forward to reduce its sales tax on petroleum products as in the case of Delhi and Goa.

To a question, he said thanks to the election commmissions strict vigil over the movement of money and other commodities, the election expenditure of all the political parties had come down heavily which was welcome.

He disagreed with the EC methodology wherein expenses of rallies organised by the party are debited to the the political leaders during their campaign in favour of the respective party candidates.

When a reporter drew to his attention to the 'unprecedented' scams like 2G spectrum scam in the last 10 years of Congress led UPA Government at the Centre, he said the 2G spectrum issue was there in the previous BJP rule itself.

But the former Union Communication Minister A Raja took a decision on his own by sidelining the suggestions of auctioning the spectrum by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and the Union Finance Secretary and this matter was pending before the court.

The court has to decide whether if theres is any 2 G Spectrum scam or not, he added.

Later, Mr Ganadesikan, addressing two election campaigns in favour of party's nominee for Tiruchirapalli Lok Sabha Sarubala Thondaiman at Sri Rangam and Busy central bus stand area here, listed out various achievements of the Congress led UPA Government at the Centre in the last 10 years and charged both the DMK and AIADMK, which had been ruling the state one after one in the last more than 40 years, did not bother about the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu.

He said the Union Government had allocated 4070 KV of electricity from central pool to Tamilnadu, which was higher than all other Southern states.

More over, the Union Government is implementing 'one Grid One India' but both the DMK and AIADMK Governments in Tamilnadu never approached the Centre to link the southern state power grid under the 'one Grid One India'scheme, he alleged.

During January this year, the southern grid was linked with the national grid, he added. Referring to the DMK President M Karunanidhi's reported remark that if Congress asks pardon and upholds secular credentials, the DMK will pardon the Congress, Mr Ganadesikan said the Congress was not in a position to beg anybody's pardon.

Mr Karunanidhi had now realised that most of the minorities votes would be in favour of Congress and hence Mr Karunanidhi was now speaking about DMK extending its support to the secular government at the Centre. He claimed the Congress alone could protect the interest of the minorities because the parties like DMK and AIADMK might join the BJP Government in case if the BJP formed a government at the centre. He called upon the voters to vote in favour of Ms Sarubala Thondaiman for the further and speedy development Tiruchirapalli Lok Sabha constituency in all aspects.

(Posted on 10-04-2014)