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Modi slams Congress in Assam rallies

Posted on Apr 01 2014 | IBNS

Guwahati, Mar 31 : Highlighting how the Congress' divisive politics had ruined Assam and the nation, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, in his rallies at Gogamukh, Biswanath Chariali and Sivasagar in Assam on Monday urged the people to forget those who had forgotten the state as well as India and instead support the country's main opposition party for a better future.

Heralding that the 2014 elections was not about who wins or loses, Modi stated that in these elections the people actually wanted to punish those who had ruined the country.

Speaking on the Congress' insensitive approach towards the well-being of its people, Modi spoke of how the Congress leaders did not bother to visit and console the families of those killed in a recent incident in an area near Biswanath Chariali.

"I heard people were killed in surrounding area but did your CM or any Minister or leader of Congress go there. Your Congress leaders have all the time to go to meet Soniaji but not to meet people. Our leaders went to wipe people's tears. For Congress the life and death of people does not matter. What matters for them is their survival," said Modi.

He also questioned the Congress over their failure in addressing the grave issues of national importance like price rise and unemployment, as also their inability in tapping the vast natural resources of a land like Assam.

"Madam Sonia says Congress fulfils its promises but what happened to the Congress' promise of reducing prices in 100 days. What kind of a government is this that cannot give you water despite there being lot of water. We can't tolerate this Government. Why should the people of Assam remember those who have forgotten the state and their people," Modi said.

Rejecting the claims made by political pundits, who were busy predicting poll results, as hogwash, Modi stated that the 2014 Elections were more about the BJP's chemistry rather than the arithmetical conclusions of the political analysts.

"Someone asked - what do you think about elections. +2pc , +few seats is okay from the arithmetic point of view but this poll is about BJP's chemistry. In arithmetic 1+1 can be two but our chemistry is such that when 1 and 1 come together it becomes 11," the Gujarat CM said.

Modi also recalled his visit to Assam as an organizational worker and spoke of how he had never seen such a huge crowd gather to listen to a politician.

Terming the large crowd as a 'kesariya samundar', he acknowledged the support shown by the people and claimed to repay back their confidence by ensuring the progress of the nation.

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