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Agra man stabs American wife, kills self

Posted on Feb 22 2014 | IBNS

Agra, Feb 22 : An auto driver in Agra has allegedly stabbed to death his American wife before blowing himself up in a gas-filled room.

US national Arianne Willinger alias Kiran Sharma, 35, a professional yoga teacher, met Indian auto driver Bunty Sharma, 32, in September, 2013 while on a visit to Agra with her friends.

After falling in love and living together for about a month, the two got married on October 11 on a rooftop restaurant against the bacground of the iconic Taj Mahal.

However, they started living separately from December due to marital discord.

"Both accused each other of hiding the fact of their previous marriages. Accusing Bunty of cruelty, greed and infidelity, Willinger had approached the Agra Police's Mediation Cell for Family Matters in January," reported Hindustan Times.

"The counselor had persuaded the couple to end differences and start living together again. During the period estrangement, the couple continued to meet each other," the newspaper said.

According to reports, on Thursday evening Bunty took Willinger to Tuckar Road area and stabbed her to death.

He hid her body in the bushes along the road.

After returning home, Bunty locked himself in his room, released gas from a cooking gas cylinder and blew himself up.

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