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Sitaram Sharma's book launched in Kolkata mall

Posted on Feb 13 2014 | IBNS

Kolkata, Feb 13 : Amidst dazzling milieu, ace journalist, diplomat and author Sitaram Sharma on Tuesday launched his latest novel titled, 'West Bengal: Changing Colours, Changing Challenges', in association with Rupa Publication Private Limited at the Starmark in Kolkata's Quest Mall.

Sitaram Sharma initiated his career as a scribe and also inculcated himself by indulging himself and working as an assistant editor in a local Hindi weekly, and later on he got promoted and worked in an English weekly.

Apart from this, he also worked as a special correspondent for Onlooker.

Later on, he went to become the editorial adviser at Business Economics.

The launch was followed by a panel discussion based on 'Whither Bengal', moderated by leading Indian newspaperman and journalist Sunanda K Datta Ray.

Also present at the launch were CPI-(M) leader Mohammed Salim and economist and professor at the Indian Statistical Institute Abhirup Sarkar.

Sitaram Sharma said, "After the Assembly Elections, I started writing this novel."

According to Sharma, the first massive 'Parivartan' (change) in West Bengal came in the year 1977, when the Left Front came to the dominance and took a pledge to ameliorate Kolkata.

The Left Front victory in the year 1977 was hugely welcomed by large number of society.

Sharma said, "I still remember the smile of the late Chief Minister Jyoti Basu, when I saw the title 'Bengal goes where', on the lead story, printed in the English weekly named Caldust, where I was the editor."

He added, "Again in the year 2011, I saw what I considered as one of the best cover story, which had lots of ingredients carried out by India Today, on Mar 28. The title was 'Mamata Banerjee Green Revolution', which predicted the future of Left Front, since then I decided to write the book."

Sharma in the book has attempted to delve into unravelling the cause and effect link through a careful exploration of the turbulent world of Bengal politics, which included Partition of Bengal in the year 1947, to the extreme downfall of CPI-(M), culminating in the Singur and Nandigram incident and the huge final blow in 2011 when Mamata Banerjee came to power particularly in the powerful and incisive exposition of the current affair of West Bengal.

Sharma, as an honorary consul of the Republic of Belarus, is an active member of the Diplomatic Corps located in Kolkata.

He also has an authorized book on the United Nations and has taken part in national and international conference across the world on serious issues ranging from - the new world economic order to the human right to climatic changes.

Apparently, he was appointed as the Chairman of Maulana Abul Kajm Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata.

The book has been priced at Rs. 295.

(Reporting by-Hashir Mohammed Khaled)

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