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Narenda Modi woos Northeast

Posted on Feb 08 2014 | IBNS

Imphal, Feb 8 : Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for his party in the Northeast region on Saturday as he slammed the Congress for the death of an Arunachal Pradesh youth from an alleged racial attack in New Delhi and promised development and jobs for the region saying that a state like Manipur can also be an IT hub.

He reminded the people that how it was only during the time of BJP prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee that the region was given huge funds and a separate ministry was set up.

He said the Northeast corner of a house is important and so is the region for the nation and it should be taken care of.

He promised to complete the National Highway 53 which is for years lying unattended. "What is happening. Do you think they can do it? No, we will do it," said Modi.

"We will work on Silchar-Imphal Road and Dimapur-Imphal Road. Today they are in bad shape," said Modi in Imphal.

"People know English and Technology. I see no reason why Manipur cannot become IT hub: Nothing has been done for empowerment of women here. IT field can be a great field of development here. Manipur can do wonders," said Modi

"Over 6.5 lakh are registered for employment exchange but 100 people have got jobs only. Why are you playing with future of youth. Much hyped NREGA failed in Manipur. Panchayati system is not working here. No job creation as well," said Modi pointing out the situation in NE under the UPA.

Speaking on the death of Arunachal boy Nido Taniam in Delhi from beatings by shopkeepers for his hair style and Northeast origin, Modi called it national shame and said: "It is a sad incident. I offer my prayer for the boy, his parents and family. I assure you that the whole nation is with you."

He said the incident is owing to misgovernance in Delhi and hoped that instead of blame game there should be justice.

He said plantation, horticulture and agro-based Industries can do facelift. "Minerals can be harnessed. NE also a tourist paradise," said Modi

"If we have a movement to encourage herbal exports then it can be a big step toward value addition for the youth here," said Modi.

"Why is it the China is ahead in export of herbal medicine when we have so much biodiversity and such rich culture of Ayurveda," he asked.

He said while five years is enough to change the world the PM who represented the NE in Parliament as Rajya Sabha member for decades have not done anything.

"You gave the Congress 60 years but 'Aapka Bhala Hua'? 60 years were ruined now please give us 60 months," said Modi seeking the support of the NE people.

He reminded that Vajpayee as PM had made 20 point programme for economic development for this region and it was closely monitored by the Centre.

"Atal ji gave a special package for the economic development of the North East. He had the courage to make it mandatory to spend at least 10 percent of all budget on NE," said Modi.

"India will only gain if the North East gains. Those who believe in Vastu Shastra will say that the North East is the part that should be taken most care of," said Modi.

He said so many boys and girls from Manipur are in army. "This state gives colour and vibrant to our life and adds to India's diversity."

"Indian culture is not complete without Manipur dance. When we talk of sports, we see Manipur gives the most," he said.

He also suggested police exchange programme between Manipur and Gujarat.

He said Congress has failed to stop drug trafficking and some leaders are also being complicit. "All records in corruption broken here," said Modi.

"Congress feels only solution to insurgency is fake encounters. They do not know such steps will further spoil atmosphere," said Modi.

"Extremism and infiltration threats. Manipur has seen bad governance of Congress. Drug trafficking is a problem," said Modi.

"Because of lack of attention and lack of governance, the NE fell into hands of divisive forces," said Modi.

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