SAN DIEGO: Just as Kickstarter has become popular for funding great causes, Wefunder has emerged as one of the go-to sites for actually owning a stake in new startup companies. This past week, a San Diego based startup with an interesting name (and an even more interesting mission) became one of the fastest in Wefunder history to hit a half a million dollars in crowdfunded capital.
This is on top of millions already raised from some of the most discerning investors in Silicon Valley and beyond. The startup is Neurohacker Collective, and it isn't just the scope of their ambition that is turning heads. It's the pedigree of who is involved, and how this maverick group intends to flip tradition on its head to achieve their mission.

First, the mission; Neurohacker Collective is hoping to literally expand the biologic capacity of human minds. Their first product, Qualia, is a mental enhancement supplement (known as "nootropic supplements") that is years in the making. It combines over 40 mental nutrients- many of them rare and never before formulated as a preassembled supplement- designed to enhance a broad spectrum of capacities: focus, pattern recognition, creativity, and mood. The product has already achieved a cult-like following among entrepreneurs and celebrity intellectuals such as NatGeo's Jason Silva, but it isn't just their first product that has investors clamoring; it's how it was created, and the minds behind it.

Neurohacker Collective's CEO is veteran startup mastermind Jordan Greenhall. He is the cofounder and former CEO of the video streaming giant DivX, leading that company to a 880 million dollar market cap (post IPO NASDAQ) in 2006. He has joined forces with complex systems science and think-tank visionary Daniel Schmachtenberger. Daniel is working with a team of esteemed bioscience academics and technologists to revolutionize public understanding of not only mental nutrition, but mental wellness in general. The 3rd key figure is Daniel's younger brother James Schmachtenberger, a proven startup veteran in his own right with a specialized background in health and human wellness advocacy.

The potential of this trio even recently had HuffPo deem them the Dream Team of startup founders. And Neurohacker Collective intends to delve far beyond mental enhancement supplements, into all things neuroscience to achieve this mission: educational content, virtual reality, quantified self applications, etc. If it improves the capacity of the human mind to think, create, and more healthfully process emotions, Neurohacker Collective is interested.

The scope of their intent is no less than becoming the leading worldwide resource for products and services which improve the mental wellness of civilization. But proving product efficacy and finding trial volunteers normally involves tens of millions of dollars and sluggish bureaucracy.

If you suspected they intend to revolutionize that issue as well, you're starting to catch on.

Neurohacker Collective already has assembled an army of consumer trial volunteers numbering in the thousands. They're partnering with biofeedback applications and physicians outside traditional channels beholden to Big Pharma, in order to create an entire citizen science structure more efficient and transparent than that which currently exists. As more and more technologies place information about one's health on cloud services and in wearable tracking technologies, Neurohacker Collective intends to form an entire global community who not only have greater resource to wellness methods, but easier and quicker proof regarding what works for their phenotypes, and their individual biology.

Neurohacker Collective is tapping into a broader trend in millennial brands. Just as Netflix brought the movie theater to the living room, and Uber made a potential taxi of any car, Neurohacker Collective is bringing the ultimate centerpiece of life- our consciousness- to a higher standard with a citizen science community untethered from the bureaucracy of the old-guard health industry.

Our current times feel most notable for cognitive dissonance: determining "fake news" from real news, the abuse of prescription drugs without understanding the underlying causes of emotional struggles, and a workforce pushed to the absolute brink of our ability to withstand stress and maintain organization. Neurohacker Collective is premised on the understanding that society itself is nearing some dangerous tipping points due to the average citizen's isolation from meaningful mental wellness education, and effective tools and technologies to optimize our minds and withstand this storm of stress and confusion.

They have legendary startup leadership, intellectual horsepower in spades, and one of the most exciting and inspiring missions to ever arise outside of traditional venture capital control. As public funding continues to pour in, where the story of Neurohacker Collective goes from here is anybody's guess. But if the scope of their early success is any indication, this story is going somewhere that may end up as the central organization behind an entirely new paradigm of how we enhance, track, and gather around issues of mental wellness.

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