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Unconditional love of pets helps manage mental health problems
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 9 : The unconditional love and support of pet provides an immediate source of calm and therapeutic benefits for owners with long-term mental health conditions, says a new study. Read Full Story

Five tips to create cosy living room
New Delhi, Dec 8 : Give the living room of your house a winter shield and makeover this winter season, says an expert. Read Full Story

How to protect hardwood floors in winter season
New Delhi, Dec 8 : Winter season can cause quite a bit of damage to hardwood floors. Keep a permanent thermostat setting, follow the no shoes policy and clean frequently to protect the floors from getting damaged, says an expert. Read Full Story

Give a twist in taste to Norwegian salmon
New Delhi, Dec 8 : Ever eaten Norwegian salmon given a desi twist in flavour? How about having Amritsari tawa salmon or Norwegian salmon kebab with coriander yoghurt for a change in taste? Read Full Story

Be your own make-up artist on friend's D-Day
New Delhi, Dec 8 : If you don't wish to spend extra money hiring a beautician to look your best on your friend's wedding day, you can do your own make-up and still look flawless, says an expert. Read Full Story

Why most of us 'remember' events that never happened
London, Dec 8 : Repeatedly hearing fake events of the past such as taking a hot air balloon ride, playing a prank on a teacher or creating havoc at a family wedding during childhood, may push people into imagining them and believing that which never happened, researchers say. Read Full Story

Thoughts of death trigger buying impulse in shopaholics
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 8 : Are you a shopaholic? Do thoughts of death haunt you? Read Full Story

Wear suitable footwear for your different wedding functions
New Delhi, Dec 8 : Complement your dresses with the suitable footwear during your wedding functions. Opt for neutral pumps, strappy block heels, mojaris at different functions, says an expert. Read Full Story

How to get happy feet this winter!
New Delhi, Dec 8 : The winter season can be a nightmare for our feet as they are the main victims to the chilly weather. Rough and cracked heels can be very painful to deal with. One must moisturise the affected area and massage with olive oil. Read Full Story

Simple tips to be winter ready
New Delhi, Dec 8 : Ready for the new winter look but not ready enough to go out in the cold? While the season is all about enveloping yourself in cozy quilts, sitting by the heater and sipping hot beverages, it's also about dealing with dry skin, chapped lips and cracked heels. Read Full Story

5 tips to avoid obesity trap
New Delhi, Dec 8 : Owing to people's lifestyles, eating fast food has become an essential part of their life. Most people are also tired to exercise because of the tight work schedules, ultimately leading to obesity. Try out five ways to avoid excess body fat, says an expert. Read Full Story

Doctors need to empathize than be compassionate for better results
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 7 (ANI): Is your doctor understanding and considers your concerns? A new study says that doctors need to develop a broader skill of empathy to imagine the patient's experience while undergoing treatment, rather than being compassionate and sympathetic. Read Full Story

Winter skincare: Avoid exfoliation, stay away from heater
New Delhi, Dec 7 : Winter is a season when your skin needs extra attention as avoiding it even for a day can take away your glow. Dropping the usage of scrubs to once a month and staying away from the heater to avoid dryness are some of the basic steps one should take for that radiant and beautiful you, suggest experts. Read Full Story

Skip ice-cream, go for frozen yogurt
New Delhi, Dec 6 : If you cant eat ice-cream, frozen yogurt acts as an excellent, no fat replacement as it helps in digestion and nutrition, says an expert. Read Full Story

Kids' early math skills may predict later achievement
New York, Dec 6 : Pre-school children's skills in patterning, comparing quantities and counting objects were stronger predictors of their math achievement in fifth grade than other skills, researchers said. Read Full Story

Men like to 'show off' while eating at social gatherings
New York, Dec 6 : If you're a man, gorging on delicious delicacies at a holiday meal or friend's BBQ might have more to do with your ego than the quality of the food. Read Full Story

Occasional negative moods can boost academic success: Study
Toronto, Dec 5 : Is the very idea of exam giving you stress and negative moods? Take heart, a new study suggests that the occasional bout of bad feelings can actually improve a student's academic performance. Read Full Story

Limiting children's choice of toys can fuel stereotypes
New York, Dec 4 : While buying toys, parents and grandparents should consider the child's interests, not their gender because limiting choice of toys according to gender can fuel stereotypes, suggests new research. Read Full Story

Cinnamon, honey help in getting rid of blackheads
New Delhi, Dec 3 : Blackheads are small bumps that appear due to pores becoming clogged with oil and dead skin but cinnamon and honey can help in combating this because of anti-bacterial qualities, says an expert. Read Full Story

This winter, get rid of swollen fingers!
New Delhi [India], Dec. 3 : Along with putting an end to the sweat and sunburn of scorching summers, winter brings a complete set of health problems- like cold, cough, dry skin, chapped lips and more. Read Full Story

Know why you should give equal importance to eyewear
New Delhi [India], Dec 02 : Eye wear is the best option for pairing up without compromising on style. You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get the high quality, fashion forward shades you want and deserve. Read Full Story

Creative people fear less about dying: Study
WashingtonD.C [US], Dec. 2 : In a recent study, scientists from the University of Kent have found that creative achievement can provide a buffer against being anxious about death. Read Full Story

Study suggests learning make animals intelligent
WashingtonD.C [US], Dec. 2 : In a recent study, researchers at Stockholm University and Brooklyn College found that learning makes animals intelligent. Read Full Story

Plant ivy, bamboos for air purification at home
New Delhi, Dec 2 : It is always recommended to keep your surroundings green by planting more and more plants at your place. Spider plant is known to perform photosynthesis under minimum sunlight. It is great in purifying air and ivy has the quality to clean air within six hours of its placement, says an expert. Read Full Story

Be creative to beat anxiety over death
London, Dec 2 : Individuals with high levels of creative ambition and achievement are likely to be more resilient to death concerns, as creative achievements can act as buffer against anxiety over death, researchers have said. Read Full Story

How to protect your shoes in winter
New Delhi, Dec 2 : The winter season calls for added attention to shoes. Basic stuff like infusing shoe wax or using protective spray can add life to your favourite pairs, says an expert. Read Full Story

Tips to safeguard your bridal outfit after marriage
New Delhi, Dec 1 : Store your expensive and heavy wedding outfit wisely. Keep it away from moisture and store in a proper bag, says an expert. Read Full Story

Ways to increase life of electric chimney
New Delhi, Dec 1 : Want to clean those greasy electric chimney or cooker hoods? Read Full Story

Stylise your look with a dupatta differently
New Delhi, Dec 1 : Look different with your dupatta and stand out from the crowd, says an expert. Read Full Story

Taking off from work to raise children can prove highly damaging to working women's careers
Washington D.C. [US], Dec. 1 : According to a recent research, mothers, who leave work to raise children often sacrifice more than the pay for their time off, when they come back their wages reflect lost raises. Read Full Story

Make your exercise super fun!
New Delhi [India], Dec. 1 : Exercises can really be boring sometimes, especially when there's lack of motivation. Read Full Story

Preschoolers perceive speech just like adults
Washington D.C. [US], Dec. 1 : Just like adults, four to five-year-old children also use their past experience with language to hear what they expect people to say, reports a study. Read Full Story

No play makes your son a dull boy: Study
London, Dec 1 : Is your son in primary school showing poor reading and maths skills? Blame it on the sedentary lifestyle, suggests a study. Read Full Story

Protect you hair in winter using simple tips
New Delhi, Dec 1 : With the onset of winter, it's time to protect your hair from damage that the natural harsh elements cause and the ideal way to do it is to include essential fatty acids and zinc in your diet, says an expert. Read Full Story

Majority of depressed people get inadequate or no care at all
Washington D.C. [US], Dec. 1 (ANI): According to a recent study, the vast majority of people with depression across the world receive inadequate treatment or no care at all. Read Full Story

Winter is here! Sip some chai and kick-start the season
By Somdatta Saha Read Full Story

Apps to keep your little ones 'productively' entertained
New Delhi [India], Dec. 1 (ANI): Parents are very concerned about our children's development, including the TV programs they watch and video games they play. Read Full Story

Grooming tips that men can use
New Delhi, Nov 30 : Taking care of hair and skin and feet is important not just for women but for men too. Facial hair should be groomed while getting a haircut, and it is necessary to moisturise your face, says an expert. Read Full Story

Why you should stop pressuring kids over grades
New York, Nov 30 : If you want your kids to become successful later in life, better avoid pressuring them over grades, suggests new research. Read Full Story

Six ways mustard oil can improve your looks
New Delhi, Nov 30 : It acts as a natural cleanser and helps to whiten teeth as well. Reach out for mustard oil to look your best, says an expert. Read Full Story

Spiritual experiences as rewarding as having sex
New York, Nov 30 : Religious and spiritual experiences activate the brain reward circuits in the same way as love, sex, gambling, drugs and music, a study has found. Read Full Story

Your toddler may know when you are lying
Singapore, Nov 30 : The next time you try to tell a lie or simpler versions of truth to your kids, be careful. Read Full Story

Men, women look things in different ways, proves study
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov.30 : A recent study, published in the Journal of Vision, has found that men and women look at someone's face differently. Read Full Story

Study reveals how musician's brain processes while playing an instrument?
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov.30 : A recent study has provided an insight into how a musician's brain works while playing an instrument. Read Full Story

Must-haves in bag: Matte lipstick, kohl
New Delhi, Nov 30 : An after-work team party or an unplanned date. To combat these unexpected surprises, always carry a matte lipstick and a kohl pencil in your bag. Read Full Story

First impression is last impression, proves study
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 29 : First impression is not the last impression as a new study has found that people continue to be influenced by another person's appearance even after interacting with them face-to-face for the first time. Read Full Story

Social comparison on Facebook leads to depression
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 29 : A recent study has found an association between social comparison on Facebook and depression. Read Full Story

Children with disabilities are bullied even as they mature
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 29 : Children with disabilities are victimized by bullying at a much higher rate than their peers without disabilities, reveals a researcher and bullying expert from University of Missouri. Read Full Story

Women and men look at faces differently
London, Nov 29 : The way women look at things may differ significantly from how men see. Researchers have found that women and men look at faces and absorb visual information in different ways. Read Full Story

Assam: Unique 'frog wedding' organised to appease rain god
Guwahati (Assam) [India], Nov. 29 : Lakhimpur witnessed an extraordinary event, where two souls were united solely with the intention of appeasing the rain god Indra, however, the bride and groom appeared to be without any embellishments and were silent throughout the ceremony as the bride was a frog and the groom a bamboo puppet! Read Full Story

Bored in love life? Seven-year itch is for real
London, Nov 28 : Have you ever felt that your long relationship has no spark left and happiness has nose-dived considerably in your love life? Blame it on the famous seven-year itch phenomenon. Read Full Story

Eating food at desk during office hampers worker's productivity
London [England], Nov, 28 (ANI): According to a recent study, consuming smelly food at desk 'Al Desko' during office hampers the worker's productivity. Read Full Story

Fathers boost daughters' maths, sons' language skills
New Delhi, Nov 28 : A father's love can have a special influence on young adults, while it can boost the maths grades of the teenage daughter, it may improve the language skills in the son, researchers said. Read Full Story

Beauty hacks for winter wedding
New Delhi, Nov 26 : Amongst all the bridal make-up tips, getting your skin to look healthy and glowing on the wedding day is very important. Simply taking care of it a week before the day is not enough. Your skin needs time to take in nourishment and treatments, says an expert. Read Full Story

Follow simple steps to maintain healthy hair, skin
New Delhi, Nov 26 : Never rinse your hair with hot water, try not to use a hair spray with high alcohol content, these are few basic things that you can follow to make your hair and skin look beautiful, suggests expert. Read Full Story

Easy tips to pick dips for snacks
New Delhi, Nov 26 : Pairing food with different dips can be very confusing, focus on the taste and ingredients of the dip while deciding the accompaniments, says an expert. Read Full Story

DNA plays a role in selection of partners for educational achievement
Washington D.C [US], Nov. 25 : According to a recent study published in the journal Intelligence, people with genes for high educational achievement tend to marry, and have children with, people with similar DNA. Read Full Story

Tips to keep in mind while handling, storing milk (November 26 is National Milk Day)
New Delhi, Nov 25 : It is important to pay close attention to how milk is handled and stored at home in order to safeguard against spoilage and disease, say experts. Read Full Story

Dogs remember events from past, just like humans
Washington D.C [US], Nov. 25 : According to a recent study, dogs have kind of "episodic memory", which gives them remarkable ability to remember and recall events from the past. Read Full Story

Santa Claus fantasy may damage parent-child bond
London, Nov 24 : With the onset of Christmas season, millions of parents will lie to their children about the existence of Santa Claus or Christmas Father. A new study has suggested that this lie may damage their bond. Read Full Story

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