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How to make your tattoo look its best

Washington, Sept 15 : Tattoos are one of the popular ways to change one's appearance, while expressing oneself.

Teens smoke marijuana to manipulate negative moods

Washington, Sept 15 : A new study has demonstrated that adolescents and young adults who smoke marijuana on a regular basis might use the drug as a way to manipulate their negative moods.

Walking, cycling to work improves mental wellbeing

London, Sept 15 : A new study has observed that walking or cycling to work can improve people's mental health as compared to driving.

App to track what makes you truly happy

Washington, Sep 15 : Do you think the smartphone is a source of undue stress? Try this app created by three students at the University of California-Berkeley that claims to make them a source of goodness.

Why marijuana users end up feeling worse

New York, Sep 15 : Adolescents and young adults who smoke marijuana frequently may attempt to manage negative moods by using the drug but end up feeling worse, says a new study.

How smartphone batteries can last longer

New York, Sep 15 : At a time when scientists the world over are looking for ways to extend smartphone battery life, a new study suggests that rapid charging and draining does not damage lithium ion electrodes as much as earlier thought.

App can reveal how moral you are

London, Sep 15 : Can a smartphone app judge how moral you are in daily life? Yes it can, say researchers.

Positive message to convince smokers to kick the butt

New York, Sep 15 : To dissuade smokers in a better way, the message on cigarette packets should be changed from "Warning: cigarettes cause cancer" to "Warning: Quitting smoking reduces the risk of cancer", researchers say.

Daily habits that make cravings worse

New York, Sep 15 : Are your servings big? Or you're pairing the food you crave with something unhealthy? There are some mistakes that can make cravings more intense and frequent.

Start early to curb violent tendencies in kids

New York, Sep 15 : If you have a kid that throws tantrums all the time, identify if he/she has aggressive tendencies. The next step is to begin early intervention to stop them from turning into violent criminals or psychologically-troubled adults.

App turns job search into social experience

Washington, Sep 14 : Two Boston University graduates have developed a new smartphone app to turn job hunting into a thrilling social experience.

Why some Facebook users spy on romantic partners

New York, Sep 14 : Look closely at your partner's recent Facebook behaviour to find out if he is spying on you. According to a new study, some young lovers are increasingly monitoring their partners and boast about their relationships on the social networking site.

Professional networking can make people feel 'dirty'

Washington, Sept 14 : A new study has revealed that professional networking or schmoozing can leave some people feeling "dirty".

People happiest in liberal countries

Washington, Sept 12 : A new study has indicated that people residing in liberal countries are happier on average however, individually, conservatives are happier than liberals no matter where they lived.

Young people with mentors likelier to succeed in careers

Washington, Sept 14 : A new study has indicated that young people who have had mentors are likelier to succeed in their careers.

Here's how to make your profile pic effective on online dating sites

Washington, Sept 14 : Founder of online dating site OKCupid, Christian Rudder, has revealed about the things that make online users' profile photos good.

Happy wives make for happy marriages regardless of hubbies' happiness

Washington, Sept 13 : A new study has revealed that it is the wife's happiness that plays key to a happy marriage for their husbands.

Favouritism in family linked to drug use

New York, Sep 13 : In families where love and support are generally scarce, even perceived favouritism may lead to use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs by children, says a study.

A happy wife means a happy life

New York, Sep 13 : To all the husbands out there: the key to a quality marital life is to keep your wife happy no matter what.

How to get model-perfect skin at home?

London, Sep 12 : Whether you're walking the catwalk or down the high street, there is always an urge to look good but it requires a great skincare routine, says an expert.

Busted: Sex toys preferred by men too

London, Sep 12 : It is a myth that most sex toys are bought by young, single women. In fact, sales of sex toys is split evenly between both the sexes, claims the world's biggest study of sex toy sales.

Bully victims more likely to suffer nightmares

London, Sep 12 : Children who are bullied at ages 8-10 are more likely to suffer from sleep walking, night terrors or nightmares by the time they are 12-year old, says an alarming study.

Childhood mentor your ticket to rewarding career

New York, Sep 12 : Having a mentor early in life can lead you to better personal and financial life in the future, says a study.

Why Facebook posts can't reveal personality traits anymore

New York, Sep 12 : The privacy changes in the recent past on the social networking site Facebook have made it difficult to reveal personalities of people peeping into your profile or 'liking' your posts, say researchers.

Working yourself to death is now mandatory (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi : If they invited me on one of those radio shows where you choose your top 10 music tracks, I would choose the national anthem 10 times, so that everyone in the country would have to stand up for an hour.

Dogs make most of leopards' diet in rural India: Study

New York, Sep 12 : In India's human-dominated agricultural landscapes where leopards prowl at night, it is not livestock that is on the menu but the man's best friend - dog.

Most 'small condoms' buyers are men

London, Sept 11 : A new survey has revealed that most of the small condoms are brought by men.

Rich families' children likelier to show behavioral issues post parents' split

Washington, Sept 11 : A new research has revealed that children from rich families are likelier to show behavioral problems, like aggression and defiance, after their parents' separation.

Is suicide linked to sunshine?

Washington, Sept 11 : A new study shows that lesser suicide rates are associated with more daily sunshine in the preceding 14 to 60 days.

Why depressed workers should attend office than take sickies

Washington, Sept 11 : In a new study, scientists have claimed that people suffering from depression manage their depression better while attending office than taking a sick-leave.

Physically active boys perform better in school

London, Sep 11 : If you find it dificult to keep pace with the high levels of energy of your male kid, chances are that he will be good at studies, says a study.

Gambling is not all that bad, says study

London, Sep 11 : Gambling is not always bad, especially for those who indulge in it for fun and are in control of their gambling habit, says a new study.

Dog breeds featured in movies more popular amongst people

Washington, Sept 11 : A new research has revealed that dog breeds gain more popularity from movies featuring them.

Cyberbullying in children increases with age

Washington, Sept 11 : A new study has revealed that although verbal and physical bullying decreases as students grow older, cyberbullying increases.

People send most 'swear' tweets on Monday

London, Sep 11 : Do you know which time of the week people swear the most? It would be Monday at around 5 p.m.

Early intervention in kids with autism eliminates symptoms, developmental delay

Washington, September 10 : A new study has found that treatment at the earliest age when symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) appear significantly reduces symptoms and developmental delays.

Teens smoking cannabis 60pc less likely to finish school

Washington, September 10 : A new study has found that daily use of cannabis affects teenagers' educational attainment.

Connect to 'higher power' for purposeful life

New York, Sep 10 : Youngsters who regularly attend religious services and describe themselves as spiritual are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, indulge in narcissism and avoid risky sexual behaviour, a study indicates.

Mangoes can help lower blood sugar level in obese adults

Washington, Sept 10 : A new study has revealed that regular consumption of mango by obese adults may lower blood sugar levels and does not negatively impact body weight.

Eating addiction similar to gambling fixation

London, Sep 10 : If you cannot resist overeating despite the obvious health risks, you may well be suffering from an eating addiction which, as a study shows, is a behavioural disorder and could be categorised alongside conditions such as gambling.

Balanced hormones help youngsters cope better with grief

London, Sep 10 : Young people cope better with the loss of a loved one because they have balanced stress hormones and a robust immune system that get weakened as we grow older, say scientists.

Shared pain strengthens bonds among people

Melbourne, Sep 10 : Despite its unpleasantness, pain may actually have positive social consequences, acting as a sort of "social glue" that fosters cohesion and solidarity within groups, says a study.

Why fat people tend to overeat

Washington, Sep 10 : Triggers such as the smell of popcorn at a movie theatre or a commercial for a snack may have a stronger pull for obese people due to differences in brain chemistry, says a study.

Why some people avoid taking risks

New York, Sep 10 : If the very thought of taking risks gives you goose bumps, it could be due to your brain structure, says a study.

Having five or more jobs over 10 years can hamper your career

London, Sept 9 : A new study has revealed that job hopping can really hamper one's career, as people who have five or more jobs over 10 years put off bosses.

Socially disconnected people likelier to find other people's faces alive

Washington, Sep 09 : A new study has revealed that when people feel socially disconnected they are likelier to find other people's faces alive.

Now, a chocolate teapot that serves up perfectly brewed cups of tea!

Washington, Sep 09 : Chocolate experts has recently crafted a chocolate teapot that did not completely melt even after boiling the water to brew a cup of tea, it has been reported.

Social networking sites can help fight obesity

Washington, Sept 9 : A new study has suggested that social networking programmes that are designed to help people lose weight might help fight against obesity globally.

Innovative jewellery display - try saucers, cake stands

New York, Sep 9 : Jewellery owners often find it difficult to figure out how to fit everything in a box. Decorate the saucers or cake stand with your precious pieces to display them while also improving the look of your abode.

Want to shed extra kilos? Join social media

London, Sep 9 : Social networking programmes designed to help people lose weight could play a role in the global fight against obesity, according to new research.

Faces come 'alive' when you want to get connected?

New York, Sep 9 : In the age of technology, how do we replenish our social connections when we feel disconnected from our friends and acquaintances?

Decorate workspace and be more productive

New York, Sep 9 : Take some time out to give your workspace a new look. Give a personal touch, make use of holders or plants -- and be more productive at work.

Soon, 3D-printed bras for a comfy experience

New York, Sep 9 : Wearing a wrong size bra could lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. Not with the 3D printed ones though.

Learn belly dance to explore your true self

Sydney, Sep 9 : If you want to be mentally and physically present "in the moment" and feel good about yourself, shun inhibitions and try belly dance for a change.

Start your day with healthy smoothies

London, Sep 9 : Looking for a healthy way to start your day? Why not try a delicious smoothie, packed with nutritious fruit and vegetables that not only helps in starting your day in the best way but also helps in keeping your digestive system running smoothly.

Two parents can better shield teenagers from alcohol use

New York, Sep 9 : Teenagers who live with single parents are more likely to use alcohol and marijuana than those who live with two college-educated parents, says a study.

Now, inexpensive test to identify resistant infections in hours

Washington, September 8 : A relatively new test has been developed to identify a dangerous form of antibiotic resistance.

Wait for sex and enjoy a happy married life

New York, Sep 8 : If you managed to control your desire to have sex with your partner before tying the knot, have heart as the wait was worth it!

Beauty regimes vary with the seasons

London, Sep 8 : There is no standard beauty regime for all seasons and an expert suggests that it's important to switch your beauty routine.

How to hold your pizza slice

New York, Sep 8 : Do you know why despite your best efforts, the slice of pizza you are about to enjoy flops over and dangles from your fingers?

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