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Don't criticise her weight else she will gain more!

Toronto, Dec 20 : Women whose family members or loved ones are critical of their weight tend to put on even more kilos, new research says.

110-yr-old 'Christmas- loving' Sikh is oldest man in Britain

London, Dec 20 : An Indian origin 110-year-old man will be celebrating his 111th Christmas in 2014.

Restoring 'lost memories' may be possible

Washington, Dec. 20 : A new study has revealed that it might be possible now to restore lost memories, as it provided proof contradicting the idea that long-term memory is stored at synapses.

Here's what makes children 'generous'

Washington, Dec 20 : A team of neuroscientists has found specific brain markers that predict generosity in children.

Know what makes kids generous

Washington, Dec 19 : By recording brain activity in kids, a study has found that generous behaviour among kids requires a controlled thought process.

Crows' brain can solve human tasks

New York, Dec 19 : The so called 'high order' abstract reasoning process thought to be limited till now only to humans and certain apes has now been discovered in crows.

'Budweiser' named Google's most searched for beer of 2014

Washington, Dec 18 : Budweiser has been named the most searched for beer according to Google.

Consumers' loyalty, passion for automobile brand driven more by appearance

Washington, Dec 18 : A new study has revealed that consumers' loyalty and passion for an automobile brand are driven more by appearance.

Sex behind the wheel dangerous for youngsters: Survey

New York, Dec 18 : Sex behind the wheel can distract young drivers, leading to over-speeding and even a crash in some cases, says a new study.

Personality outsmarts intelligence at school

Melbourne, Dec 18 : Personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to academic success, new research says.

Longer we take to decide, the less accurate and confident we get

Washington, Dec 18 : A team of neuroscientists has found that the longer people take to decide, the less accurate and confident they are.

Meet the man who found woman with same name as ex for free world trip

New York, Dec 18 : A man who had earlier made headlines for offering a free around-the-world air ticket to a woman with the same name as his former girlfriend has finally found his match.

Personality more important than intelligence for students' academic success

Washington, Dec 18 : It turns out that personality traits are more important than intelligence when it comes to success in education, according to a new study.

Its official! Women are more empathetic than men

Melbourne, Dec 11 : A new study has revealed that women are indeed better at empathy than men.

Hugging can protect you against stress and infection

Washington, Dec 18 : A new study has observed that hugs help protect against stress and infection. The study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University tested whether hugs act as a form of social support, protecting stressed people from getting sick.

Disclose your religion to find job satisfaction

New York, Dec 18 : Employees who openly discuss their religious beliefs at work are often happier and have a higher job satisfaction than those who do not, says a study.

A hug a day keeps the doctor away

New York, Dec 18 : It may not be a far-fetched idea to replace apple a day with a hug as researchers have found that more frequent hugs protect stressed people from getting sick.

Parents using gifts to motivate kids may raise materialistic adults

Washington, Dec 17 : A new study has revealed that certain parenting tactics can lead to materialistic attitudes in adulthood.

Does coffee have different affect when taken with sugar?

Washington, Dec 17 : In a new study, scientists have investigated whether the people respond differently to caffeinated drinks that do or do not have sugar.

E-cigarettes expose rising number of non-smoking teens to nicotine use

Washington, Dec 17 : A new research has revealed that e-cigarettes expose rising number of non-smoking teens to nicotine use.

People tend to trust 'average looking' faces more

Washington, Dec. 17 : A new study has revealed that people tend to believe average-looking faces, who aren't seen as the most attractive, while assessing trustworthiness.

Are we programmed to take bad decisions

London, Dec 17 : A natural desire to try and replicate what our neighbours or friends are doing could be behind the bad decisions that we end up taking, a new study shows.

'Introvert employees shape career graph of colleagues'

New York, Dec 17 : In workplaces that rely on peer-to-peer evaluation to award raises, bonuses or promotions, keeping introverted employees in good humour may help as they are biased against extroverted co-workers, a new research shows.

Give in to season's eatings a bit

New York, Dec 17 : In the holiday season, women should not curb their eating temptations just to stay slim as this may lead to eating disorders, say researchers.

Alcohol blackouts not funny at all

New York, Dec 17 : Some people think that alcohol-related blackouts, bad hangovers and outrageous behaviour at parties are funny. It is actually not.

Average-looking people are more trustworthy

New York, Dec 17 : People may not find average-looking faces most attractive but they are considered to be the most trustworthy, researchers say.

Paralysed woman enabled to control robotic arm with thoughts!

Washington, Dec 17 : Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have enabled a paralysed woman to control a robotic arm with just her thoughts, offering a ray of hope to restoring natural arm and hand movements in people suffering upper limb paralysis.

Top reasons why couples stay in troubled marriages revealed

London, Dec 16 : A new survey has revealed the top 10 reasons why couples stay in an unhappy marriage and avoid getting divorced.

Meet the baby girl born at 10:11 on 12/13/14

Washington, Dec 16 : The birth date of a new born baby girl is definitely going to be memorable as a mother gave birth to her daughter at 10:11 am on 12/13/14 at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, England.

Christmas Eve most popular day for 'popping the question'

London, Dec 16 : A new survey has revealed that Christmas Eve is the most popular day for men to propose.

Feeling younger at older age increases well-being in later life

Washington, Dec 16 : A new study has demonstrated that older people who felt three or more years younger than their age had a lower death rate as compared to those who felt their age or who felt more than one year older than their actual age.

'Alpha males' tend to prefer spicier food

London, Dec 16 : A new study has revealed that men who like spicier foods have higher levels of testosterone.

Now, a faceless doll called 'Deeni Doll' for UK based Muslim girls

Karachi, Dec 16 : Now, Muslim girls in the United Kingdom can play with a doll launched specially for them called the 'Deeni Doll'.

Spicy foods boost men's sex drive

London, Dec 16 : Serve your husband some spicy food if you want some real action between the sheets tonight.

Feel young and live longer

London, Dec 16 : Feeling younger than the actual age might be good for older people, say British researchers.

How to rekindle romance in army couples

Washington, Dec 16 : For army families who live in combat zones, giving each other time and space is the first step towards rekindling romance when the spouse returns home with post-traumatic stress symptoms, finds a study.

Now, smuggle your booze in 'tampon flasks'

London, Dec 15 : An American company has invented a range of products like tampon hip flask and boob bags that will help people smuggle alcohol wherever they like.

Training old people in using social media can help improve well-being

Washington, Dec 15 : A new study has revealed that training older people in the use of social media improves cognitive capacity, increases a sense of self-competence and could have a beneficial overall impact on mental health and well-being.

Praying for your partner can leads to greater relationship commitment

Washington, Dec 14 : A new study has revealed that romantic partners who pray for their "significant others" experience greater relationship commitment.

Parental behaviour behind tot's anger issues

Washington, Dec 14 : A new study has revealed that that parental behaviour may influence the development of an association between physical aggression in toddlers and the frustration caused by language problems.

Porn addiction hampers male sexual performance

New York, Dec 14 : Porn addiction forces men to deliberately conjure images of pornography during sex to maintain arousal and have concerns over their own sexual performance and body image, a study has found.

Khyber Himalayan resort brings accolades to Gulmarg (Business Feature)

By Sheikh Qayoom, Gulmarg, Dec 14 : When a five-star luxury hotel threw open its doors to guests in this north Kashmir tourist destination in December 2012, many said Gulmarg did not have the inflow to sustain a high-end luxury facility like the Khyber Himalayan Resort.

Shawarma a fast-selling Arabic fast food in Hyderabad (Foodie Trail-Hyderabad)

By Mohammed Shafeeq, Hyderabad, Dec 14 : It's evening and a group of youngsters flocking a popular eatery in Nampally are waiting for a piping hot Shawarma, Arabian fast food that is popular here as an alternative to pizzas and burgers.

Celebs putting new mums under pressure to cut-off mummy tummies post birth

London, Dec 13 : A new survey has revealed that 81 percent of mothers feel pressured to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight within three months of giving birth.

Too many new mums and newborns dying due to unsanitary conditions at birth

Washington, Dec 13 : A new research has revealed that lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene in birth settings is killing mothers and newborns in the developing world.

Why women stay away from politics

New York, Dec 13 : A University of Pittsburgh study has found that women are more "election averse" than men.

'Feminine' men who do housework get less sex

London, Dec 12 : A new study has revealed that men who do housework get less sex, as women consider them 'feminine'.

Collage students find Hookah smoking safer than cigarettes

Washington, Dec 12 : A new study has revealed that majority of college students believe that Hookah smoking is safer than cigarettes.

Dec 11 is the most popular day of the year to conceive

London, Dec 12 : The experts have revealed that September 16 is the most common birthday in the UK, December 11 is the most popular day of the year to conceive.

Men watching porn less likely to enjoy sex with real-life partners

Washington, Dec 12 : A new study has examined that men who regularly watch porn are more likely to depend on it to stay aroused and are less likely to enjoy sex with a real-life partner.

Parents' genes determine ageing speed of offspring

Washington, Dec 12 : In a new study, scientists have investigated how parents genes determine the ageing speed oft their offspring.

Meet the man who went under knife several times to look like Ricky Martin

Washington, Dec 12 : An Argentina-based man has undergone more than half a dozen surgeries on his face to look like his idol Ricky Martin.

Max, Bella top most popular dog names of 2014

Washington, Dec 12 : A new survey dedicated to most popular dog names has announced the results where the most popular male dog name went to Max whereas Bella grabbed the top spot for female canines.

It's Official! Men are 'idiots'

Washington, Dec 12 : In a new study, scientists have found evidence supporting the theory that men are idiots.

'Increase in mindfulness will not make you slim'

New York, Dec 12 : Contrary to popular perception, increase in mindfulness - monitoring food intake, increasing physical activity and avoiding stress eating - may not help you shed those extra kilos, a new study suggests.

Choose-your-own-pronoun movement has everyone confused (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi : A friend named Pat once decided to be gender-free, refusing to let us use "sexist" terms such as "he" or "she". As a result, referring to Pat always sounded like one was talking about an intelligent dog: "This is my friend Pat, it's going to do Pilates in the gym for an hour, and then I'm going to play chess with it." Another problem was deciding how to greet Pat: air-kiss to the cheek as for a girl? Punch to the upper arm as for a guy? Or neck-scratch and doggie-treat?

Men doing household chores get less sex: Study

New York, Dec 12 : Helping your spouse in household work is fine but this may ruin your sex life, researchers say, adding that women may see men doing "feminine" jobs as less sexually attractive.

Here's how personality decides your health

London, Dec 12 : How well your immune system can fight infection may depend on your personality, new research led by an Indian-origin scientist has found.

Mughali cuisine comes alive in bylanes of Old Delhi (Foodie Trail-Delhi)

By Somrita Ghosh, New Delhi, Dec 12 : From eateries in the bylanes of the Walled City that evoke nostalgia to fancy restaurants that serve Japanese Sushi to Mexican salads, Delhi is a foodie's paradise. But when it comes to savouring authentic Mughlai food, nothing can compete with Old Delhi and its charm.

How stupid men can be? Deadly!

London, Dec 12 : To the delight of some out there, a team of British researchers has discovered that men are bigger idiots than women and they have a connotation for it - Male Idiot Theory.

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