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Spice yourself healthy
By Pallavi Aman Singh, New Delhi , Jun 29 : And you thought healthy eating has to be boring and bland! Better health may be only a dash and sprinkle away as it turns out, you can add sizzle to your diet and still stay fit. Read Full Story

Higher IQ in childhood is linked to longer, disease free life
Washington D.C. [USA], June 29 : If your child has a higher IQ, then take a sigh of relief, as he/she might have a longer life span. Read Full Story

Artists, architects think different from each other
Washington D.C. [USA], June 29 : A study has revealed that architects, painters and sculptors think of spaces in different ways from not only the others, but also each other. Read Full Story

Shh, living near busy road may up risk of male infertility
Washington D.C. [USA], June 29 : Beware if you are renting an apartment next to a busy road as a study finds that long-term exposure to traffic noise, particularly at night, increases the risk of infertility in men. Read Full Story

Are you monsoon ready? Here are some styling tips
By Pallavi Aman Singh, New Delhi , Jun 28 : Is monsoon dampening your style quotients? Waterproof it right to put your most fashionable foot forward. Read Full Story

Digital dating abuse worse for girls than boys
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 28 : With usage of social media or texting as a means of abuse becoming a growing problem among teenagers, a new study has found that girls may be suffering more severe emotional consequences than boys. Read Full Story

Rains spoiling outdoor plans? Play poker!
New Delhi , June 28 : As Monsoon 2017 strikes India, the country's online poker start-ups are gearing up to make hay while the sun hides behind the clouds. Read Full Story

High time you should stop re-using plastic bottles
London [UK], June 28 : While drinking plenty of water this summer season is a good option, refilling that plastic bottle again and again could actually be doing more harm than good. Read Full Story

Male children with older dads are more geeky, suggests study
New York [U.S.A.], June 28 : If you consider yourself as a geeky guy, your dad's age at the time of your birth could have had a major part in forming your personality. Read Full Story

5 apps to book your monsoon travel
New Delhi , Jun 25 : The monsoon is approaching the parts of the country swiftly and building a pleasant and pleasing environment for people to hit the roads. Read Full Story

Digitisation of handmade industry is finally here
New Delhi , Jun 25 : India is essentially a hub, when it comes to the creation of handmade products, a category which is extremely extensive and is known to include a myriad of skills, such as gold designing, creation of customised luxury products like leather articles, cosmetics, metal-crafted items, much beyond the commonly referred handicraft and textile products. Read Full Story

Find out if you're dating a commitment phobe!
London [UK], June 25 : Getting into a serious relationship is itself a major decision. But what if your partner falls into the most dreaded of all dating categories - commitment phobic? Read Full Story

Children drinking non-cow milk little shorter than peers
New York [US], June 25 : A new study suggests drinking non-cow milk- soy, almond or rice milks - is linked to shorter kids. Read Full Story

Excessive texting is bad for your wrists
New York [US], June 25 : Texting, the thing we do most with our phones, takes a toll on our health. Read Full Story

Make this Eid a tech-savvy one!
New Delhi , June 25 : Festivities are galore, as the nation gears up to celebrate Eid. Read Full Story

Even if you exercise, prolonged sitting is harmful: Study
New York [US], June 25 : The harmful effects of too much sitting are clear. A new research now shows prolonged sitting may be harmful, even if you exercise regularly. Read Full Story

Millenials use public library the most: Study
New York [US], June 25 : It might sound unreal but a recent report suggests those selfie-snapping, blog-posting millennials are the generation most likely to visit a public library. Read Full Story

Glide your way through bachelorhood with these five apps!
New Delhi , June 25 : Striking the perfect balance between personal and professional life can be tiresome. Read Full Story

Here's why following a friend in a car is risky
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 24 : Drivers who follow another car to a destination are more likely to drive dangerously, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

Here's why you should be yourself at work
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 24 : When it comes to your career, you may want to come out of the closet, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

Here's why you should let your kid finger-count
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 24 : Turns out, this little piggy can make you a whole lot better at math. According to a recent study, counting on the fingers is the best way to learn. Read Full Story

When victims become assaulters
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 24 : Turns out, boyhood violence victims are more likely to commit similar acts on their intimate partners. Read Full Story

No more 'no' to video games
Washington D.C. [USA], June 23 : Next time your kid asks for your permission to play video games, let him! In fact, you should join him too! Read Full Story

Feeling grumpy? Blame summer heat
Washington D.C. [USA], June 23 : Next time people accuse you of being unhelpful or moody, put the blame on hot weather! Read Full Story

Dear parents, starting school young can affect child's wellbeing
Washington D.C. [USA], June 23 : Parents, take note! A new research has shown starting school early could have a negative impact on child's wellbeing. Read Full Story

Don't eat but sleep, to beat office blues!
Washington D.C. [USA], June 23 : Stressful day at work leads to binge-eating at night. A new study suggests a good night's sleep can serve as a protecting factor between job stress and unhealthy eating in the evening. Read Full Story

This long weekend, here's where you can head for getaway
New Delhi , June 23 : Long weekends are perfectly designed for short trips. Extricate the webs of your mundane life and zip off to amazing locations in the country. Read Full Story

Selfies: Decoded
Washington D.C. [USA], June 22 : It's now hard to imagine a life without selfies! Thanks to front-facing cameras and the rise of social media, selfies populate our camera rolls, Instagram feeds, dating profiles, and vocabularies. Read Full Story

Why men gain weight after saying 'I do'?
Washington D.C. [USA], June 22 : Bad news, ladies! Men get fatter after getting hitched and the early days of fatherhood add to the problem. Read Full Story

Fathers-to-be! Be available to hold your partner's hand in delivery room
Washington D.C. [USA], June 22 : Fathers-to-be! If you are thinking about the pain your partner will go through during delivery, just be there to hold her hand. Read Full Story

Here're some tips-n-hacks for trekking, this monsoon
New Delhi , June 22 : Trekking is one such activity that most enjoy in order to reach that perfect View-point. But there is more to that - trekking isn't just about reaching your summit, perfect view or destination, it's also about your journey. Read Full Story

Mizo cuisine: A hit among food lovers
Chandrakala Choudhury, New Delhi, [India], June 22 : India's northeast region is known for its ethnicity, diverse culture. The flavours and dishes are as unique as their colourful lifestyle. Read Full Story

Here're some tips-n-hacks for trekking, this monsoon
New Delhi , June 22 : Trekking is one such activity that most enjoy in order to reach that perfect 'view-point.' But there is more to that - trekking isn't just about reaching your summit, perfect view or destination, it's also about your journey. Read Full Story

Monsoon clothing: Here are some tips to style yourself
New Delhi , June 22 : As the heat is being kicked by our beloved weather monsoon, it's time we take a break from our everyday boring formals and try out new styles. Read Full Story

Pedal your way to office for a stress-free life
Washington D.C. [USA], June 22 : Do you know! Your mode of transportation to office decides your stress quotient at work. Read Full Story

People going to bed after 3am have less control over OCD symptoms
Washington D.C. [USA], June 21 : The proverb early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy, wealthy and wise, rightly explains a recent study, as it suggests people who sleep after 3 a.m. at night have lower perceived control of obsessive thoughts. Read Full Story

Consume fish, soybean for 'healthy brain' in adulthood
Washington D.C. [USA], June 21 : Dear parents, make your children eat fish, soybean, sunflower and walnuts in their adolescence years, as a study has found that a diet lacking omega-3 fatty acids during teenage may increase anxiety-like behaviour and worse performance on a memory task in adulthood. Read Full Story

'Praying' gives older adults a boost to live longer
Washington D.C. [USA], June 21 : Older adults, who pray regularly, are more likely to have a perception that God will be there to protect and comfort them in later stages of life, according to a study. Read Full Story

Rekindle marital spark with animals and bunnies
Washington D.C. [USA], June 20 : As bizarre as it may sound but perusing pictures of cute animals could be the key to a happy marriage. Read Full Story

Here's how you can take care of your skin, hair in monsoon
New Delhi , June 20 : After the long and torturous summer spell, the monsoon is finally here and as much as we love to welcome rain, it isn't the best thing for your make-up and hair. The heat, humidity and rain all together would just not help to keep the make-up meltdowns at bay. Read Full Story

Shampoo, washing powder reduce sperm count?
Washington D.C. [USA], June 20 : Did you know, using everyday essentials, such as shampoo and washing powder, can be toxic for humans. Read Full Story

Anxious about your partner's commitment can cause harm to relationship
Washington D.C. [USA], June 19 : Your trust on your partner is a much needed thing, as according to a study, clingy and distrustful attitude can make your partner feel anxious about the relationship. Read Full Story

Now, say cheers to 'gluten-free' beer
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 19 : Those living with gluten intolerance, there's some new hope as a recent study has suggested that Witkop teff grains may be a good alternative to traditionally brewed barley beers. Read Full Story

Are you mom-shamed? You are not alone
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 19 : Turns out, nearly two-thirds of mothers are "shamed" by others about their parenting skills. Read Full Story

What makes patients go against medical advice?
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 19 : A new study has revealed the certain factors that are linked with a person's decision to leave the hospital against the advice of his or her care provider. Read Full Story

Here's why some babies are born too small
Washington D.C. [USA], June 17 : Why is one twin smaller than the other? According to a recent study, the answer could lie in the placenta. Read Full Story

19-year-olds as inactive as 60-year-olds
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 17 : Turns out, physical activity among children and teens is lower than previously believed. Read Full Story

Gender stereotypes may lead to unhealthy sexual relationships
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 17 : Female college students who believe women are subservient and who endorse music media's degradation of women are more likely to be involved in an unhealthy sexual relationship, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

This Father's Day, spoil your dad with a fun-filled getaway
New Delhi , Jun 17 : Looking for a way to honour your dad this Father's Day? Ditch the traditional tie, cologne or gift card to his favourite restaurant, and take him on a weekend trip. Read Full Story

Mothers supporting child's negative emotions can impact their social adjustment: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], June 17 : Dear parents, you may have to stop favouring your child in every situation, as according to a study, mothers supporting their child's negative emotions may impact their social adjustment and social interaction in school. Read Full Story

Same motor strategy as babies may help in old age
Washington D.C. [USA], June 17 : You can help your grandparents! A motor mechanism that has been attributed primarily to early development in babies and toddlers can also help older adults to improve their movement accuracy, suggests a new study. Read Full Story

Eat walnuts to feel fuller for longer
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], June 16 : People, walnuts, salmon and canola oil regularly are likely to experience favourable changes in appetite hormones associated with reduction in hunger. Read Full Story

Children who follow their dreams can build happier tomorrow
New Delhi , June 16 : Attention parents! Inspire your children to follow their dreams, as a survey has recently found that the children, who follow their interests can build a happier tomorrow for themselves. Read Full Story

Earlier a girl menstruates, likelier she's to marry young
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 15 : According to a recent study, the timing of a girl's first menstruation may affect her first sexual encounter, first pregnancy and her vulnerability to some sexually transmitted infections. Read Full Story

Bed bug scare looms large for hotel, lodging industry
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 15 : According to a recent study, most business and leisure travellers in the United States can't identify a bed bug, and yet the tiny pest evokes a stronger response in hotel guests than any other potential room deficiency, putting the hospitality industry in a difficult spot. Read Full Story

Underweight female runners at more stress fracture risk
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 15 : When it comes to female runners, carrying less weight may make them faster, but, it turns out, at a price. Read Full Story

Here's how dog can decide if he wants to be guide dog
Washington D.C. [USA], June 15 : Now, a tool helps predict a young dog's likelihood of successfully completing guide dog training. Read Full Story

Your kid's sleep schedule decides his college grades
Atlanta [US], June 15 : Does your kid stay up late to cram for an early exam? Well, this habit might not be doing him any good. Read Full Story

We all knew it, now its official: French Fries can kill you!
Moscow [Russia], June. 15 : Yes, it's painful but unfortunately true. Munching on those golden sticks of starchy goodness will most certainly accelerate your demise. Read Full Story

It only takes 30 minutes to feel stronger, thinner
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 14 : You may want to hit the gym as according to a recent study, just one 30-minute bout of exercise makes women feel stronger and thinner. Read Full Story

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