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Keep calm! That person cursing aloud may be honest
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 18 : Usually, whenever people hear someone cursing out loud in public, the first thing that comes to their mind is that may be he/she is a rude or obnoxious. However, a new study finds that people who frequently curse are may be more honest. Read Full Story

What! Jealousy increases your shopping expenses
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 17 : Desperate to recapture their lover's attention, envious adults are more likely to splash out on flashy, designer goods, claims study. Read Full Story

Like spicy food? If so, you might live longer
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 14 : From now on, who-so-ever ask you not to have spicy food, here's the reply for them! Read Full Story

One-in-ten bend truth on social media to make themselves feel good: Study
New Delhi , Jan. 14 : People are turning to social media in order to show-off to friends, collect as many 'likes' as possible and to feel good about themselves. Read Full Story

Good music turns The Weeknd on 'way more' than relationships
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 13 : The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye opened up about his idea of relationships and marriage in a recent interview with GQ magazine. Read Full Story

Here's why women above 35 face pregnancy complications
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 13 : A study reveals that pregnant women over 35 years old are more likely to have complications during delivery due to delayed and longer labour stages as their uterus can contract. Read Full Story

Incentives at workplace may put more stress on employees
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 12 : Do incentives at your workplace make things stressful? A study finds that incentive-related pay schemes cause stress rather than motivating employees. Read Full Story

Attention parents! Superhero culture may up aggression in your kids
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 12 : Is your kid fascinated with superheroes? Does he love to dress up like a Spiderman thinking that he will go around pretending to spin webs? Read Full Story

These traditional delicacies make Makar Sankranti special!
New Delhi, Jan. 12: With multi-coloured kites filling the morning sky, one of the most auspicious time of the year, Makar Sankranti, is here. Read Full Story

Things to discuss with your partner before the wedding
New Delhi, Jan. 12: When people get married, they promise to spend a lifetime together. Read Full Story

Key to stellar teen kid, play with friends in kindergarten
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 11 : If you want your kid to be a stellar student in their adolescence, then encourage them to play with their friends in kindergarten. Read Full Story

Playing in kindergarten can make your kid an active teen
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 11 : If you want your kid to be a stellar student in their adolescence, then encourage them to play with their friends in kindergarten. Read Full Story

Learn to play an instrument to react faster in golden years
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 11 : Do you want to be remain mentally active and respond early in old age? Read Full Story

Hung-over? Top chefs tell you what to eat
London [UK], Jan. 8 : Hangovers are the worst. The headache, the exhaustion, the nausea; most of us have been there. Good news! We have a cure. Read Full Story

Always glued to your smartphone? Stop right away
London [UK], Jan.8 : Even after knowing its harmful effects, one finds it extremely difficult to keep that cell phone aside. But a new study has found that our smartphones may be doing more damage than we'd previously suspected, specifically to our eyes. Read Full Story

Now, apps on your smartphone can cut depression, anxiety
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 7 : Now smartphones can help you treat your depression and anxiety. Read Full Story

Higher pay no motivation for working-class to break into politics: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 5 : A study reveals that increasing politicians' paychecks is not likely to encourage more working-class people to run for office. Read Full Story

Girls from low-income families feel unprepared for puberty: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 5 : A new study reveals that girls from low-income families are unprepared for puberty and have largely negative experiences of this transition. Read Full Story

Good news! Pre-mature babies do better in early language development
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 5 : Pre-mature babies perform well in a developmental task linking language and cognition compared to their full-term counterparts, finds a new study. Read Full Story

Bending it the gender way
For the first time perhaps in the history of film festivals in India, third gender individuals were given delegate passes to attend the screenings at the recent 22nd International Film Festival of Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram. Shoma A. Chatterji gives a ringside view. Read Full Story

Enhance your beauty this festive season with these oils
New Delhi , Jan 1 : Oils have been used since ancient times for beauty care and according to the Ayurvedic system, massaging with oils is said to have various therapeutic benefits. Read Full Story

Here's why sticking to that exercise schedule takes a toll on you
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 30 : Just like every year, is losing weight the top criteria of your New Year's resolution? Read Full Story

This New Year, engage your child with unconventional methods to help them learn better
New Delhi , Dec. 30 : New Year calls for a new beginning! Read Full Story

How to fix your makeup this New Year
New Delhi , Dec. 30 : As festivals and weddings come to a close and night-long wild parties come for a brief halt, it's time to shake up and wash off the overloaded makeup-ed skin. Read Full Story

Media unfairly stigmatizes female binge drinkers: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 28 : Are female drinkers still socially unacceptable? Read Full Story

Your emotional experience can affect how you remember future events
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 27 : Researchers in the United States have found that an emotional experience, which persists for over 20 to 30 minutes, can influence how you remember future experiences. Read Full Story

Stay and be safe: Facebook tidies up advice on preventing online bullying
London [UK], Dec. 26:Facebook's newly updated safety centre, including its "bullying prevention hub" are central to its strategy to improve the quality of discourse on the platform - for the sake of its future as much as for its users' experience. Read Full Story

Some of your attitude may make people dislike you immediately!
London [England], Dec. 25 (ANI): Some of your attitude may turn on and off the person on the other side. Read Full Story

Take a break from Facebook for emotional well-being
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 22 : A new study finds that regular use of social networking such as Facebook can negatively affect your emotional well-being and satisfaction with life. Read Full Story

Women like men who support their career post-marriage: Survey
New Delhi [India], Dec. 22 : A survey was conducted to find out young people's opinions on certain issues post marriage that concluded that women want to be with men who support their career and passions. Read Full Story

Sunglasses! There's no accessory that makes man looks better
New Delhi [India], Dec. 21 : All fashionistas are loaded with options to accessories their looks. But the stud boy's fall a little behind the race when it comes to adding zing to their appearance. Read Full Story

Traditional lecturing not effective for developing problem-solving skills in students
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 21 : In a bid to help students, a recent study shows that traditional university lectures may not be building the skills students are hoping to acquire and their future employers have come to expect. Read Full Story

Use flowers and enhance your beauty
New Delhi, Dec. 20 : The aroma of many flowers has powerful properties to bring calming effect on the body and mind by inducing relaxation, says beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, adding flowers provide an ideal defense against environmental and mental stress. Read Full Story

Xmas round the corner, and reindeer population sinking, study warns
New York[US], Dec. 19: Findings produced at the annual meeting of the British Ecological Society (BES) have warned the world that celebrating Christmas may become a thing of the past if steps are not taken to arrest the declining of the iconic reindeer population. Read Full Story

Is fear of public speaking making you a closet personality?
By Pallavi Aman Singh, New Delhi, Dec.19 : If you consider standing up before a group of benign people and opening your mouth as a fate worse than death, then good news - conquering your fear of public speaking may be as easy as confronting the possibility of rejection. Read Full Story

Ask the experts! Cold weather exercise tips
New Delhi, Dec. 15 : Winter gives you a chance to hibernate and bulk up, and this definitely will not help you to stay fit and burn calories. Read Full Story

This Christmas, dress yourself up with lace!
New Delhi, Dec. 16 : Winter is here and so is the season of festivity, fashion and grooming. Christmas and New Year calls for the last events of the year to deck up! Read Full Story

When in trouble, horses ask humans for help
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 16 : A Japanese researcher team has found when horses face problems that they cannot solve, they use visual and tactile signals -- touching and pushing -- to get human attention and ask for help. Read Full Story

Teens' smartphones addiction can make them obese
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 16 : A recent study reveals teenagers spending more than five hours on digital devices like tablets, smartphones and television are 43 percent more likely to become obese compared with adolescents who do not spend time on these devices. Read Full Story

Numerous airline pilots suffer depression: Survey
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 15 : A new study reveals that airline pilots currently flying may be clinically suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Read Full Story

MAN-lications: 6 apps a man can't do without
New Delhi [India], Dec. 15 : The closest thing to a man's heart is his phone. No matter where he is, he will always take his phone along. He buys, he travels, he pays, he plays, he stays- he does all of these by using his phone. Read Full Story

Scientists develop sawdust into super sponge for oil spills
Washington.D.C [US], Dec. 13: In a recent research, scientist have chemically modified sawdust to make it exceptionally oil-attracting and buoyant, characteristics that are ideal for cleaning oil spills in the icy, turbulent waters of the Arctic. Read Full Story

That lemon slice in your drink can do more harm than good
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 13 : That pre-sliced pieces of lime in your festive gin or non-alcoholic beverage in bars and restaurants might not be the best thing as these slices may cause infectious diseases at various body sites, warns a new study. Read Full Story

Educating about bed bugs promote awareness, prevention in schools
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 13 : Educating teachers and students about bed bugs, parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood, can be a powerful tool to deal with spread of pests. Read Full Story

As you speak with customer care, so you get the service: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 13 : As you sow, so you reap! Next time, before choosing your words to speak to the customer service employees, just remember, it will completely determine the service you will be provided with in future, warns a new study. Read Full Story

Unplanned events are more fun than scheduled ones: Study
Washington D.C [US], Dec. 9 : A recent research has shown that planning events make them seem like work, thereby making them less fun. Read Full Story

Unconditional love of pets helps manage mental health problems
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 9 : The unconditional love and support of pet provides an immediate source of calm and therapeutic benefits for owners with long-term mental health conditions, says a new study. Read Full Story

Long-term threat of getting pink slip gives older workers the blues
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 9 : A recent study has found employees believing for several years that they will lose their jobs leads to heightened levels of fear and distress amongst them. Read Full Story

Thoughts of death trigger buying impulse in shopaholics
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 8 : Are you a shopaholic? Do thoughts of death haunt you? Read Full Story

Doctors need to empathize than be compassionate for better results
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 7 (ANI): Is your doctor understanding and considers your concerns? A new study says that doctors need to develop a broader skill of empathy to imagine the patient's experience while undergoing treatment, rather than being compassionate and sympathetic. Read Full Story

This winter, get rid of swollen fingers!
New Delhi [India], Dec. 3 : Along with putting an end to the sweat and sunburn of scorching summers, winter brings a complete set of health problems- like cold, cough, dry skin, chapped lips and more. Read Full Story

Know why you should give equal importance to eyewear
New Delhi [India], Dec 02 : Eye wear is the best option for pairing up without compromising on style. You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get the high quality, fashion forward shades you want and deserve. Read Full Story

Creative people fear less about dying: Study
WashingtonD.C [US], Dec. 2 : In a recent study, scientists from the University of Kent have found that creative achievement can provide a buffer against being anxious about death. Read Full Story

Study suggests learning make animals intelligent
WashingtonD.C [US], Dec. 2 : In a recent study, researchers at Stockholm University and Brooklyn College found that learning makes animals intelligent. Read Full Story

Taking off from work to raise children can prove highly damaging to working women's careers
Washington D.C. [US], Dec. 1 : According to a recent research, mothers, who leave work to raise children often sacrifice more than the pay for their time off, when they come back their wages reflect lost raises. Read Full Story

Make your exercise super fun!
New Delhi [India], Dec. 1 : Exercises can really be boring sometimes, especially when there's lack of motivation. Read Full Story

Preschoolers perceive speech just like adults
Washington D.C. [US], Dec. 1 : Just like adults, four to five-year-old children also use their past experience with language to hear what they expect people to say, reports a study. Read Full Story

Majority of depressed people get inadequate or no care at all
Washington D.C. [US], Dec. 1 (ANI): According to a recent study, the vast majority of people with depression across the world receive inadequate treatment or no care at all. Read Full Story

Winter is here! Sip some chai and kick-start the season
By Somdatta Saha Read Full Story

Apps to keep your little ones 'productively' entertained
New Delhi [India], Dec. 1 (ANI): Parents are very concerned about our children's development, including the TV programs they watch and video games they play. Read Full Story

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