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Simple thanks can help making new friends

Washington, Aug 29 : A new study has suggested that thanking a new acquaintance for their assistance can help one to make new friends.

Why it's tough to learn things revealed

Washington, Aug 28 : A new study has discovered why learning tasks can be easier said than done.

Millions of mites crawling on your face right now!

New York, Aug 29 : Are you aware that your face is brimming with living mites that feed on the oil our skin secretes and hide in tiny hair follicles? And no, they are not pooping on you as they store up all the excreta until they die!

Over half of urban Indians trying to lose weight: Study

New Delhi, Aug 29 : Though it has been estimated that 74 percent of urban Indians are overweight, a recent survey shows that their awareness is also increasing and more than half of urban Indians are trying to lose weight.

Beware! Cigarette substitutes bad for bones

Washington, Aug 29 : Are you trying e-cigarettes or other nicotine replacement therapies to overcome addiction to cigarette smoking? Be warned, as they are not as safe as you might have assumed, said a study.

Morning sex makes for a healthy start!

New York, Aug 29 : Mornings are not just perfect for jogging or quieter moments in the park. Try sex in the wee hours that will sure improve your otherwise dull and boring day like never before!

Why humans act 'selflessly' revealed

Washington, Aug 28 : A new study has found the reason behind human altruism.

'Self-deceived' over-confident people can fool others better

Washington, Aug 28 : A new study has revealed that over-confident people can fool others into believing they are more talented than they actually are.

Serotonin deficiency may not be behind depression

Washington, Aug 28 : A new study has demonstrated that deficiency in serotonin, which act as a chemical messenger in the brain, leads to depression.

Marry short men for long-lasting marriage

Washington, Aug 28 : A new study has suggested that short men stay married for a longer period of time whereas tall men tend to marry more quickly.

Junk food reduces appetite for balanced diet

Washington, August 28 : A new study has found that junk food not only makes you fat, it also reduces your appetite for novel foods, which normally drives people to seek a balanced diet.

Tomato-rich diet reduces risk of prostate cancer by nearly 20pc

Washington, August 28 : A new study has found that men who take over 10 portions a week of tomatoes have an 18 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

Why it's tough to learn things revealed

Washington, Aug 28 : A new study has discovered why learning tasks can be easier said than done.

Over-confident workers can put firms at risk

London, Aug 28 : Over-confident people can fool others into believing they are more talented than they actually are, claim two Indian-origin researchers, adding that these individuals are likely to reach influential positions in their organisations.

Engage with babbling infants to improve language learning

New York, Aug 28 : How a parent responds to an infant's babbling can speed up the child's language development, new research shows.

The wave-like nature of skill learning

Washington, Aug 28 : Know why learning a new skill is easy for some while difficult for others? It depends on a fundamental constraint hidden in the brain.

People ready to shun drinking for smartphones!

New York, Aug 28 : If you cannot think of a life beyond apps which have replaced evening strolls and the morning cup of tea, read this: People are even ready to give up drinking and chocolates for gadget time!

WHO wants ban on use of e-ciggs indoors

London, Aug 27 : The World Health Organization has said that use of e-cigarettes should be banned indoors, while sale of the device to children should stop as well.

Foodies eat 30pc more at barbecues than at normal dinners

London, August 27 : A new study has shown that people eat three times more at a barbecue than at a normal dinner.

Couples who get 'high' on pot together engage less in domestic violence

Washington, Aug 27 : A new study has revealed that couples who smoked pot together engaged less in domestic violence.

Couples who smoke marijuana together a happier lot?

New York, Aug 27 : Similar to a drinking relationship, married couples who smoke marijuana together are less likely to be engaged in domestic violence, says research.

New e-service brings doctor to your doorstep

Kolkata, Aug 27 : Got a medical issue in the middle of the night but don't know who to call? Don't worry! A new website virtually delivers healthcare at your doorstep.

Attenborough and my experiment with the truth

By I. Ramamohan Rao, New Delhi, Aug.26 : In the passing away of Richard Attenborough on August 24th, I was reminded of my uncle and mentor U. S. Mohan Rao, who was associated with him in the making of the film on Mahatma Gandhi.

Role playing with dolls predicts future behavior of to-be parents

Washington, Aug 26 : A new study has suggested that parents who interact with an infant using a doll helps in predicting which couples might fight during co-parenting when their baby arrives.

Often wake up feeling confused? You may be suffering from sleep drunkenness

Washington, Aug 26 : A new study has explored a sleep disorder called "sleep drunkenness", which affects one in every seven people and causes episodes of waking up confused.

Couples' play with doll predicts parenting behaviour

Washington, Aug 26 : Parents who are ready to welcome a baby show a lot about their future co-parenting behaviour during pregnancy, reveals a new study.

Too much make-up not good for youngsters: Expert

Los Angeles, Aug 26 : Parents are being urged to ensure that their children aren't using too much make-up particularly if they're young as it can lead to major skin problems, says an expert.

Don't scare your kids from uncomfortable situations

New York, Aug 26 : How parents treat anxious kids actually decides if they will be able to cope with fear or not when they grow. The key here is to save kids from falling into the "protection trap".

Honeybees originated from Asia not Africa: Study

London, Aug 25 : Honeybees originated from Asia and not from Africa as previously thought, research indicates.

Use 'rule of thumb' to avoid over drinking

Washington, Aug 24 : A new study has revealed that using 'rule of thumb' while drinking wine can help people lower their alcohol consumption.

This nail polish detects 'date rape' drugs

New York, Aug 24 : Students from an American University have invented a unique nail polish that can detect "date rape" drugs in a drink.

Sibling bond is longest lasting relationship

London, Aug 24 : Do you know which is life's longest lasting relationship? It is the bond between siblings.

Gadgets harm social skills in kids: Study

New York, Aug 24 : Does your child have poor social skills? Limit his or her use of the digital screen.

Reason behind 'cow milk allergy' revealed

London, Aug 23 : A new study has unraveled what makes cow milk allergenic to children and in adults.

Checklist of 13 items not needed in college hostel

Los Angeles, Aug 23 : Healthy food items, favourite jeans and wine opener are among the 13 items that students definitely don't need to bring to college.

Fitness game apps rarely motivate people to exercise

Washington, Aug 22 : A new study has revealed about the popular trend of using fitness game apps to motivate people to exercise.

Now, celebrate your 'adultery' with 'Mistress' greeting-cards

London, Aug 22 : A new 'mistress card' range has been launched, which provides greeting cards for celebrating special occasions in an adulterous relationships.

Soon, 'human-like-skin' for aircraft that will help 'feel' damage

London, Aug 22 : A British defense contractor is developing a system that allows the exterior of aircraft to "feel" damage or injury in a way similar to human skin.

Negative feelings at work can be good and vice versa

Washington, Aug 22 : A new study has suggested that feeling bad at work can actually be a good thing whilst feeling good in the workplace can also lead to negative outcomes.

Women feel 5 years younger until 45

London, Aug 22 : A new poll has claimed that most women believe that they look five years younger until they hit the age of 45.

Its official! Women in red are more attractive to men

London, August 22 : Experts have found that women dressed in red are more attractive to men.

Say cheese if you want a mouth-watering pizza

London, Aug 22 : How sumptuous you find a pizza has a lot to do with how yummy the cheese looks.

Not just body, treat your partner as a whole

New York, Aug 22 : Are you among those who treat their partners in terms of how they can provide sexual pleasure rather than viewing them as complete human beings with thoughts and feelings?

Sitting is the new smoking, so get off your bottom (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi: A friend once called me "a fat, lazy slob". I chose to interpret this as a compliment. Denial has always been one of my strongest superpowers.

Ladyfinger to help ice cream last longer

New York, Aug 22 : How the humble okra or ladyfinger vegetable can help your ice cream last longer and hinder melting? Well if we believe scientists, okra extracts can be used as a stabiliser in ice cream.

Now, biodegradable plastic to be made from rice, parsley waste

Washington, August 21 : A new study has shown that it may soon be possible to make chairs, synthetic rugs and plastic bags from cocoa, rice and vegetable waste.

Why older adults have fragmented sleep patterns

Washington, Aug 21 : A new research has explained older adults have trouble sleeping because of a group of neurons are found to function as a 'sleep switch' in the brain.

Cold water, nuts: Secret to healthy life

New Delhi, Aug 21 : Start your day with cold water, nuts and stretching exercises to stay in the pink of health, says an expert.

Early porn obsession damaging teenagers' brains: Study

London, Aug 21 : An early exposure to porn and explicit material online can damage teenagers' cognitive abilities, clarity about relationships and studies later in life.

Now, 'headband' to relieve you off stress

Washington, Aug 20 : A tech company named InteraXon has developed a headband, which claims to relieve one from stress.

Nearly 50 pc of teens think sending sexual photos or videos is part of 'everyday life'

London, Aug 20 : A new poll has revealed that almost 50 percent of teenagers regard sending sexual photos or videos as part of "everyday life", while most youngsters find it "too easy" to accidentally see pornography online.

Love boosts sexual satisfaction for women

Washington, Aug 20 : A new study has claimed that 'love' can make sex more fulfilling for many women.

Hand gestures facilitate learning in signers, speakers

Washington, August 20 : A new study has shown that spontaneous gestures can help children learn, whether they use a spoken language or sign language.

Is your deodorant making your armpits smell worse?

New York, Aug 20 : Deodorants and antiperspirants are being more widely used and advertised than ever before, but did you know that they may actually make you smell worse in the long run?

See in the dark via your smartphone

New York, Aug 20 : See in the dark through this smartphone.Flir One is a USD 349 (Rs.21,220) iPhone accessory that allows your smartphone's display to show glowing heat signatures of people, animals and anything else you point the camera to, says the information available on its website.

Is your college going kid more active on weekends?

New York, Aug 20 : Parents always suspect that their college going kids prefer weekends to weekdays. Now there is proof that college graduates are more active on weekends compared to non-college goers.

Don't miss meals with kids

New York, Aug 20 : If you want your kids to grow up healthy, make it a point not to miss dinner time with them.

Many elephant populations to disappear in 10 years: Study

Washington, Aug 20 : In a shocking revelation, a most comprehensive survey of elephant poaching to date has estimated that 100,000 African elephants were illegally killed between 2010-2012, threatening that many elephant populations may be wiped out in the next 10 years.

Some female tourists seek sexual liberty on vacations: Study

Sydney, Aug 20 : For some female tourists, travel is like finding their lost sexual liberty - in one night stands - and "feel like a man", says a fascinating study.

Hand gestures can help kids learn better

New York, Aug 20 : Spontaneous gestures can help children learn better whether its spoken language or sign language, according to a study.

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