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Violent 3-D games increase anger in players

Washington, Oct 22 : A new study has found that playing violent 3D games can increase the anger level in video game players.

Looks influence the biggest judgments, says study

Washington, Oct 22 : New research has revealed that people commonly judge facial traits/expressions to judge ones capabilities and personality.

'Therapy dogs' can help college students deal with anxiety, loneliness

Washington, Oct 22 : A new study has revealed that animal-assisted therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety and loneliness among college students.

Marriage woes, history of depression increases obesity risk

Washington, Oct 22 : A new study has revealed that marital hostility and a history of depression can increase the risk for obesity in adults by altering how the body processes high-fat foods.

Violent, 3-D gaming ups aggression in players

New York, Oct 22 : People playing violent video games in 3-D tend to exhibit aggressive tendencies later on -- more than people who play using traditional 2-D systems, a new research has found.

Marital woes can make you fat

New York, Oct 22 : If you have a history of depression, picking up fights with your better half could increase the risk of obesity by altering how the body processes high-fat foods, says a new research.

Teenage self-harm leads to mental problems in adulthood

London, Oct 22 : Those who inflict harm upon themselves as teenagers face an increased risk of developing mental health and substance misuse problems as adults, a research has revealed.

After dal makhni comes chicken with lentils (Foodie Trail)

By Monish Gujral : Lentils are a good source of proteins. All mothers are always busy forcing bland blended dal down their young ones' throats, telling them how healthy it is. And why not? I have always had a childhood crush on lentils. Boy! What a thing to have a crush on.

Eating fruit and vegetables makes you happy

Sydney, Oct 22 : Australian researchers said Wednesday that eating large amounts of fruit and vegetables can make you happier.

People in metropolitan cities prefer masculine men, feminine women

Washington, Oct 21 : A new study has demonstrated that assuming that humans want their men to be manly and their women feminine is a new urban habit.

Now, electronic 'EyeCane' that enables the blind

Washington, Oct 21 : A new Electronic travel aids (ETA), the "EyeCane," has been developed that is tactile and provide auditory cues that can enhance the mobility of blind users.

Depressed people, too, believe in brighter future

Toronto, Oct 21 : Like most adults, even depressed people believe in a brighter future, but for them this optimistic belief may not lead to better outcomes, found a research.

Couples who communicate likelier to have happy marriage

London, Oct 21 : A new study has suggested that communication and compromise can be a key to happy marriage.

Why people accept inequality

London, Oct 21 : Inequality can be fair too and the brain knows it, a new research has found.

Now, age your favorite whiskey by 3 yrs in just 24 hours!

London, Oct 21 : A Portland-based company has claimed to help whiskey drinkers age their favorite tipple by three years in just 24 hours.

Tips to look gorgeous during festive season

New Delhi, Oct 21 : It's festival time and apart from indulging in shopping and partying, one should also take good care of one's skin. The revelry should not stop you from looking gorgeous and a head-turner.

Favouring sex specific traits an urban habit

London, Oct 21 : If you are searching for a more masculine man for dating, remember that this is not what your ancestors looked for.

Recalling lessons during rest improves learning

New York, Oct 21 : Recalling the things that you have already learnt boosts your future learning, found a research.

Could scientists create life?

London, Oct 21 : In a virtual computer experiment, researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have discovered information strings with peculiar properties that can reveal how the life originated on the Earth.

'A sunny day could trigger a panic attack'

London, Oct 21 : Fear of bright daylight could trigger panic attacks, said a study.

Be compassionate to animals this Diwali (Diwali is on Oct 23)

By Shilpa Raina, New Delhi, Oct 21 : One of the most common and perhaps the cruelest sights during Diwali is a frightened dog running blindly on the road, terrified of the loud noise coming from the firecracker strip tied to his tail by mischievous children.

Chefs unveil mystery food basket challenge in Goa

Panaji, Oct. 20 : Chefs working in various reputed hotels across Goa unveiled the mystery food basket to participate in a challenge.

Now, bizarre 'rubber female body suits' for men

London, Oct 20 : An American man makes bizarre full-length rubber female body suits that let men live as plastic dolls.

Women more prone to develop anxiety, depression post heart attack than men

Washington, Oct 20 : A new study has revealed that women are more likely to develop anxiety and depression after a heart attack (myocardial infarction; MI) than men.

Face more important than body for women?

London, Oct 20 : Changes in skin are visible signs of ageing. A new research shows that many women feel they have focussed more on the face than the entire body.

Repeated viewing of violence and sex 'desensitises' parents

Washington, Oct 20 : In a stunning report, researchers have revealed that when it comes to sex and violence, the more parents watch TV shows or movies with explicit scenes, the less they care about what their kids can watch.

Interrogating a male's body the Broota way

New Delhi, Oct 20 : In the early 1980s, it was with the "Man Series" that Rameshwar Broota received much adulation for the solitary monochromatic naked male figure representing a "universal man" who has been suffering since ages and became corrupt in the process. The vulnerabilities and insecurities of men were exposed through his works.

How the birth season can trigger mood disorders

London, Oct 19 : The risk of developing mood disorders is impacted by the season in which you are born in, a research showed.

As cancer cases spiral, government to focus on prevention, care centres

By Sreeparna Chakrabarty, New Delhi, Oct 19 : With the number of cancer cases in India set to explode in the coming decade, the Narendra Modi government is planning a network of tertiary care centres for cancer patients across the country besides launching a major screening campaign.

Have you tried the 'Donut selfie' yet?

London, Oct 19 : Are you tired of posting those drab still selfies on your Facebook or Instagram account? A new form of video selfie called the 'Donut selfie' could now help you present some cool shots.

10 golden rules for a safe, healthy Diwali

1. Patients with chronic lung diseases should avoid places with heavy cracker pollution and should avoid bursting crackers.

Kitchen gardens sprouting peace of mind, e-businesses (Trend Feature)

By Rohit Vaid, New Delhi, Oct 19 : Be it inflation or the risk of consuming pesticide-laden vegetables, urbanites are majorly taking to farming in their apartments and the kitchen gardens are sprouting not only peace of mind but also e-businesses.

Brain myths hampering teaching worldwide

London, Oct 19 : Myths about the brain are common among teachers worldwide and are hampering teaching, noted a study that called for better communication between neuroscientists and educators.

People suffering from mental illness seek Youtube for support

Washington, Oct 18 : A recent study has explored that people suffering from severe mental illness like schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder seek peer support on popular social media websites like YouTube.

Mums beat dads at being 'top chefs' in family

London, Oct 18 : A new survey has demonstrated that mothers are the top cooks in family as they have a greater grip on what their children are eating.

Football has to catch the imagination of the people

By Veturi Srivatsa : After almost a week of action with all eight teams playing at least one match each in the Indian Super League (ISL), the performances have been nothing to write home about. And actor John Abraham, co-owner of NorthEast United FC, was quick to realise that promotion of football should begin in the region before one starts looking at the bigger picture.

Get quirky in gifting this Diwali

By Shradha Chettri, New Delhi, Oct 18 : From induction cookers that can play music to lamps made from recycled wine bottles, to ethnic wear with handmade tribal art and customised cupcakes and macaroons - here's a chance this Diwali to get quirky and stand out when you present gifts to your loved ones.

Immoral doings of bosses can shatter employees' future

Washington, October 17 : New research has found that moral suspicion from wrongdoings of those higher up in an organization, spilled down to people lower in an organization, even if they did not work directly under the moral transgressor.

People find their affiliated political leaders more attractive

New York, Oct 17 : Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and this is more so if you are into politics or if you have political affiliations, shows a new study.

Ebola highlights developing world shares more disease burden

Washington, Oct 17 : In case of diseases like Ebola, measles, syphilis and many other conditions with skin manifestations, the mortality rates are quite higher in developing countries than they are in developed countries, according to a study.

Weight loss race not for the slow and steady

Melbourne, Oct 17 : Gradual weight loss does not reduce the amount or rate of weight regain compared with losing weight quickly, a study says.

It's ladoos over chocolates for Indians during Diwali (Foodie Trail)

By Rahul Vaishnavi, New Delhi, Oct 17 : Despite stiff competition from attractively packed imported chocolates, fancy cookies, cakes, and muffins on every Diwali, branded traditional Indian sweets - a market estimated at Rs.49,000 crore ($8 billion) - have not only managed to hold on to their own but have witnessed a steady rise in sales due to an expanding market, rising incomes and, most importantly, the emotional value associated with them, outlet owners say.

Sibling support boosts altruism in boys

New York, Oct 17 : A good relationship with a sibling promotes development of sympathy and levels of altruism in boys, says a study.

Novel trimming lessons for nail beauty fanatics

New York, Oct 17 : The daily trimming of fingernails and toenails to make them more aesthetically attractive could be detrimental and potentially lead to serious nail conditions, says a study.

Jet lag can make you fat

London, Oct 17 : Frequent fliers should read this. According to researchers, disruption of the circadian clock alters the rhythms and composition of the microbial community in the gut, leading to obesity and metabolic problems.

Learn how to melt stubborn 'love handles'

London, Oct 17 : Call it love handles, the spare tyre or the middle age spread - a lot of people struggle to do away with their extra fat around waistline. Thanks to a new way to burn energy from food, you could soon be able to do so with some "stress".

Are men wired to shun food for sex?

London, Oct 17 : In a discovery that might be true even for some humans, researchers have shown that male brains - at least in nematodes - will suppress the ability to locate food in order to instead focus on finding a mate.

Brain's mental compass relies on geometric relationships

Washington, Oct 17 : Do you know why you never miss the road that leads to your girlfriend's house? Give credit to your brain's mental compass.

Change in walking style can influence your mood

Washington, Oct 16 : A new study has observed that the way one walks actually affects their mood.

Foods you should eat every day

Los Angeles, Oct 16 : Include spinach and tomatoes to your regular diet to work towards the right body frame.

How consumers respond to guilt and shame

Washington, Oct 16 : Consumers racked with guilt and shame tend to focus on concrete details of a product at the expense of the bigger picture, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher.

Reminding people of their religious beliefs make them less hostile

Washington, Oct 16 : A new study has revealed that reminding people about their religious beliefs helps in reducing hostility behaviour in everyday life.

Start your day with beer-flavoured jam for breakfast!

London, Oct 16 : An Italian brewer has claimed that they have created a beer-flavored jam to combine the most important meal of the day with the nation's favourite tipple.

Learn to love exercise -- here's how

London, Oct 16 : Exercise can help you attain the body frame you wish for, but after a few weeks of it, you can lose interest in the regime. So, it's important to enjoy exercising rather than calling it an obligation, says an expert.

'Sex key to happiness for couples above 65'

New York, Oct 16 : Better physical health and higher levels of sexual frequency among people above age 65 are linked to higher levels of marital satisfaction, according to a recent study.

How to deal with workplace bullying

New York, Oct 16 : If you are a victim of bullying at the workplace, instead of suffering it silently find a co-worker with whom you could share your story, a study suggests.

People who believe in science fall for frivolous products

New York, Oct 16 : Do you often get influenced by trivial information such as graphs or formulas given on consumer products like food, supplements or even medications and buy them instantly? Hold your nerves for a moment.

Simple walk can reveal your mood

Toronto, Oct 16 : Not just our mood affects how we walk, our walk can also disclose whether a person is happy or sad, reveals fascinating research.

Why people risk their lives to save others

New York, Oct 16 : People who risk their lives to save strangers may do so without deliberation, says a study, adding that extreme altruism may be largely motivated by automatic, intuitive processes.

Poor women blame early kids, bad partner for their agony

New York, Oct 16 : Mothers living in low-income households blame having children early in life and a bad romantic partner for their sufferings that leads to depression and anxiety, a study noted.

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