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    Ancient Antarctica was as warm as today's California coast
    Washington, Apr 22 : Using a new way to measure past temperatures, scientists have claimed that parts of ancient Antarctica were as warm as today's California coast, and polar regions of the southern Pacific Ocean registered 21st-century Florida heat.

    Japan asked to revoke whaling permits in Antarctica
    The Hague, April 1 : The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Japan to "revoke" its permits for whale hunts in Antarctica since Tokyo failed to meet the requirements for the "purposes of scientific research" laid out in international law.

    Japan's whaling not for sceintific research, rules ICJ
    London, March 31 : The UN's International Court of Justice (ICJ) Monday asked Japan to stop its whaling programme in the Antarctica.

    Scientists seek more regional cooperation on Antarctica
    Buenos Aires, March 30 : Scientists and government authorities asked for more international cooperation to preserve Antarctica.

    West Antarctic glaciers draining more ice than they did 40 years ago
    Washington, March 27 : Researchers have found that six massive glaciers in West Antarctica are moving faster than they did 40 years ago, causing more ice to discharge into the ocean and global sea level to rise.

    Volcanoes sustained life during ice ages: Study
    Washington, March 11 : It is difficult to associate volcanoes with preserving life but that is true - heat from volcanoes helped cold Antarctica's plants and bugs survive ice ages, a study suggests.

    Four new compounds threatening ozone layer: Study
    London, March 10 : In a new threat to the depleting earth's protective ozone layer, three previously unknown chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and one related compound appear to be slowing down the recovery of ozone hole over Antarctica, an alarming research shows.

    Meteorite on earth another proof of water on Mars
    Washington, March 2 : After finding clinching evidence of the presence of water on Mars last month, NASA scientists have now unearthed a Martian meteorite in the Yamato glacier in Antarctica that features curved micro-tunnels consistent with moving water.

    Projected big thaw of Antarctica's sea ice may harm area's unspoiled ...
    Washington, Feb. 28 : Researchers using a modeling study have suggested that the Antarctica's Ross Sea's recent observed increase in summer sea-ice cover is likely to be short-lived, with the area projected to lose more than half its summer sea ice by 2050 and more than three quarters by 2100.

    Gas cloud where stars are born spotted
    Washington, Feb. 21 : A team of researchers, using a telescope installed at the driest place on Earth - Ridge A in Antarctica - have identified a giant gas cloud that appears to be in an early stage of formation.

    Dating app Tinder can even bag you dream date in Antarctica!
    Melbourne, Feb. 20 : An American scientist working at base camp McMurdo Station in Antarctica was stunned to find that dating app Tinder has found a match for him in the frozen continent.

    Antarctica's collapsing ice shelves to disappear in next 200 years
    Washington, Jan 30 : A new report suggests that a number of floating ice shelves in Antarctica are at risk of disappearing entirely in the next 200 years, as global warming reduces their snow cover.

    Ancient seabird fossil links New Zealand with Antarctica
    Wellington, Jan 22 : A fossil of one of the world's oldest flying seabirds has been found in New Zealand, linking the country to Antarctica when it was still being formed, scientists announced Wednesday.

    New sea anemone species discovered in Antarctica
    Washington, Jan. 18 : Researchers using a camera-equipped robot to survey the area under Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, unexpectedly stumbled onto a new species of small sea anemones that were burrowed into the ice, with their tentacles protruding into frigid water like flowers from a ceiling.

    Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier enters 'irreversible' melt
    London, Jan.15 : Researchers have warned that Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier(PIG) could now be in a state of irreversible retreat, making it an even more significant contributor to global sea level rise during the next two decades.

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