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    Ocean warming melting one of largest Antarctica glaciers
    By Rocio Otoya, Sydney, Jan 27 : One of the largest glaciers on the planet, Totten, is melting due to ocean warming, a phenomenon that demonstrates the vulnerability of East Antarctica and its role in increasing the level of the oceans.

    Fish found living beneath Antarctica
    Washington, Jan 22 : In a ground-breaking discovery, glacial geologists in Antarctica have discovered fish and other aquatic animals living in perpetual darkness and cold - beneath a 740 metre-thick roof of ice.

    China to build fifth research station in Antarctica
    Shanghai, Jan 12 : The Chinese icebreaker research vessel Xuelong, which set sail in October, has begun preparations for constructing China's fifth research station in Antarctica, the Peoples Daily reported Monday.

    Underwater drone maps ice algae in Antarctica
    London, Jan 6 : An underwater drone is helping researchers map the distribution of ice algae on the underside of the sea ice in Antarctica.

    The Big Bang theory to be probed from Antarctica
    New York, Jan 4 : A set of six telescopes collectively known as Spider - Sub-orbital Polarimeter for Inflation, Dust and the Epoch of Re-ionization - will circle Antarctica in a bid to observe a haze of faint, radio microwaves that envelops space.

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