New York, Nov 16 IANS | 2 years ago

Actor Alec Baldwin shouted at a female reporter outside his apartment building here Friday after his wife accused the woman of almost hitting her with a microphone.

The 55-year-old clashed with the media three times Friday, reports

As his wife Hilaria emerged from the building carrying their daughter Carmen, she pleaded with photographers not to frighten her baby, saying, "She gets scared of the flashes, so please don't flash (sic)."

She was then seen pointing out a blonde TV reporter to her husband, claiming the female nearly smacked her in the face with her microphone Thursday.

Baldwin promptly walked up to the woman and demanded an apology for Hilaria, only for the reporter to respond: "I did nothing wrong Alec! Your wife is exaggerating what happened."

The actor then called on police officers, who had arrived on the scene to keep the crowds out of the road, to arrest the lady, telling them, "See that blonde woman, I want to press charges against her."

The cops agreed to deal with the incident, but did not make any arrests.

(Posted on 16-11-2013)