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With President Barack Obama selecting Janet Yellen as the first woman to head the Federal Reserve and Hillary Clinton being seen as the next Presidential hopeful of the Democratic Party, the most powerful nation on the earth has finally decided to toe the line drawn by several less powerful ones

This trend, according to a new book, will only accelerate, globally, until women completely replace men from all positions of power in the coming decades and centuries. And men? Nature would increasingly eliminate them through stratagems like terrorism and war, diseases and impotency, to make women emerge.

This 821-page multi-disciplinary book, The Biology of History-Ascent of Women, authored by Indian journalist Virendra Pandit, and published by Partridge, a Penguin Company, is about the emerging mega-picture Change.

In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, mega-trend spotters like Alvin Toffler, John Naisbitt and Samuel P Huntington interpreted the process of big-picture Change, vis-a-vis contemporary frontiers, in terms of the evolution of technology, business and politics, respectively. The new book interprets these changes along Darwinian lines: the "Descent of Men" lead to the "Ascent of Women", as it were!

The path-breaking book analyses the prevailing 'anarchy' all over‚Euro"the world has always been chaotic like this; it is only a tad more connected now!‚Euro"and suggests that this turmoil may actually be a prelude to technology slowly replacing religions as the most powerful connector. Each day. Religion, the old connector of Homo sapiens, is now in a fatal embrace of the Machine, the new connector, which absorbs shelf-life.

Why has this connectivity been necessitated? It is a necessity for survival of Life as we know it and its evolution. Our planet has suffered half-a-dozen mass extinctions before the Homo sapiens emerged as the most evolved creatures yet; mythologies, religions and sciences connected them, successively, to derive a survival benefit and weather the next mass extinction. Men took the lead in this zillennia-long process and evolved the First, Second and the Third Waves, i.e. agriculture, industry and knowledge. With the evolution of machines by men, for women, their role is now up. They would slowly be replaced by women in all walks of life: this would be the Fourth Wave, the Ascent of Women.

The book also explores interesting issues, old and new: Do moribund cultures invite alien catalysts for revival of their decadent civilizations? The Egyptians 'invited' the Jews, the Romans absorbed the Christians, the Arabs imported Muhammed; the Indians were catalyzed by the Christians and Muslims, the Chinese and Japanese by the West. And, of course, America loved to be infested by immigrants from all corners of the world, in the 19th and 20th centuries, to prove that Potomac was longer than the Thames by 140 km.

How does Nature assemble religions, as mass connectors? By segregating a deviant section of the society, as a critical mass for the next set of changes. In this respect, circumcision proved to be the biggest game-changer, that made evolution of the three Abrahamic religions‚Euro"Judaism, Christianity and Islam‚Euro"possible. The book explains how these great man-made religions emerged in West Asia, turned men theo-intoxicated and fanatic, pollinated the exhausted civilizations with a new sperm, clashed with each other to poach and harvest the maximum number of souls, slowly decayed and imploded within to give way to the next set of game-changers.

It delves into how Nature 'harvested' us in the first, river-valley civilizations using modems like myths and polytheistic religions. These early mass connectors were replaced by the second set of civilizations evolved by three monotheistic Abrahamic religions that networked better by marketing theologies as contemporary 'technologies', thereby accelerating competition and elimination. In the third, our, civilizations, we have new servers like democracy and science, providing us more comprehensive connectivity, with less permanence, aiming to replace religions.

Each new set of civilizations, a notch better evolved, often recycles some of the old technology, the way Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein revived the heliocentric hypotheses. In this game of Evolution, nearly one-third of the uncompetitive stuff is suddenly, regularly, mass eliminated, the way the stock markets undergo the Fibonacci Series-type correction, making 28pc of notional gains go extinct each time. Genetic 'profits', also the chaff, are ploughed back and recycled, like dividend reinvestment. Life is a stock market, a casino.

The book, which declares that "war is the supreme court of Homo sapiens", and "evolution is a ruthless business that recognizes no moral or ethical issues", is bound to trigger some controversies: Are the Jews really pre-Islamic migrants from Arabia? Did Jesus actually die on the Cross? Was Muhammed from a non-Arab stock, most likely a Qurd, who launched the Arabs into Islam? Did the Crusades become unavoidable for seeding the Renaissance? Were the two bloody World Wars in the 20th century a necessary evil for assembling the United Nations as the next best mass connector and integrator? Is the ongoing Jihad actually part of the undeclared Ninth Crusade? Is terrorism a categorical imperative for elimination of the uncompetitive? Do war and terrorism mutate us? Why 9/11? Are we still chiseling ourselves into a better species?

It seeks to rewrite world history along Darwinian lines: how the Homo sapiens come together and get interconnected for collective, incremental, psychological evolution through variation, mutation, adaptation and elimination. And, natural selection.

This might enable our species skip the fate of other uncompetitive life forms which disappeared in six major mass extinctions reported so far in the Earth's 4.5 billion year existence. In this 'new' history, nothing remains constant; even Paradise is a festival-eve offer. Mass connectivity may alone defeat mass extinction.

Essentially, it explores war as game-changer in catalyzing, mutating and rejuvenating societies to restore fecundity. Terrorism and the "Arab Spring" may herald a Muslim Renaissance the way the Crusades and Inquisition did in Christianity.

And the net gain of the last 10,000 years? The sperm banks, making man 'irrelevant' for the next, Fourth Wave, probably led by women!

(Posted on 09-11-2013)