Aamir Khan has his own way of doing things. He makes sure to surprise his audience every time he comes on screen. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with Mr Perfectionist in Mumbai. IBNS | 3 years ago

What do you feel when people call you Mr Perfectionist? It's my media friends who have given me that title and I don't know why. I believe that there is no such thing as perfection, especially in a creative field like cinema. There is no only one correct way of doing anything. We are all artists trying to express ourselves in different ways. But this Mr Perfectionist tag has become such a big joke now that my sister one day bought me a T-shirt with Mr Perfect written on it. I don't consider myself as perfectionist. But yes, I am extremely passionate about my field so much so that I really throw myself into my work. I don't leave any stones unturned to achieve what the potential of a film is. What are the projects that are keeping you busy these days? I am doing Dhoom 3 ... it's going to come out in Christmas. I have begun shooting for Peekay ... that's Raju Hirani's next film. It will be released sometime next year (2014). I have also started working on Season 2 of my TV show Satyamev Jayate. So these are the three things that I am working on right now. What was your experience of shooting Dhoom 3? It was a great experience. The film is based in Chicago. We shot majority of the film in Chicago, especially all outdoor scenes. We shot extensively there for three months or more. Some of the indoor ones, which can be managed with similar sets, were shot in Mumbai. I hope it turns out well.

We are yet to see you in a science fiction film. Will you do one given a proper script?

You answered that for me. If I come across a good script that is in that genre of science, I might do it. I don't pre-decide what kind of films I want to do. I like it to happen organically. So when I go through scripts and I find one exciting, then I want to do it.

You keep experimenting with your looks. Which one has been your favourite so far?

I don't have a favourite look as all my looks depend on my characters.

Whatever you touch becomes an instant hit. What's the secret?

(Laughs) I really don't know why I have been successful so far. And honestly, I don't think so much about that. I just want to enjoy my work. I want to keep surprising and challenging myself. So I pick works that excite me even if on the face they don't seem to have the potential to be blockbusters, and have unusual stories. But they have always clicked so far.

What do you see the role of technology in films?

Today technology has moved so much in cinema that you can show on screen whatever you imagine. As we all know, you are limited by your imagination. But with the kind of technology available all over the world you can make all your imaginations visible on screen.

(Posted on 15-04-2013)