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The Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Summer/Resort 2013 recently concluded on a high note with excellent business volumes, huge commercial interest, fantastic media response and an all-round sense of satisfaction among stakeholders, said organizers on Thursday.

"Participation in stall and stage exhibits continued to grow this season as well. The season saw a stupendous 28000 visitors registered, an increase of 12pc over the previous season. Commercial interests were notably strong, with 219 buyer registrations, a season-on-season growth of 21pc ," said an official spokesperson.

"In addition to physical presence at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013, our first-of-its-kind YouTube live streaming, which saw the LFW YouTube channel cross half a million views, and our tie-up with 'Fashion TV and Polish Top Model' drew in numbers, underscoring the importance of new initiatives towards driving growth.

"Regular attendees were delighted by the new international layout of 'The Source', which went on to become the centre of commercial activity at LFW this season. A profusion of praise was accorded to the 'Talent Box' and its designers; with 44 international and 175 national buyers expressing their utmost satisfaction," said the spokesperson.

The organizers said the five-day long extravaganza was also well received by media, with regular all-round coverage of broad talent, show-stoppers, and sheer buzz associated with the event.

Articles also noted the eminent 'wearability' of exhibited fashion, and stating the stark contrast with other fashion events in this regard.

Designer Swapnil Shinde shared, "It's good for me as my clothes are tailor made for Indian buyers, it's always been about local buyers for my brand thus the season shift also worked for my brand! I got orders from CREO, they placed orders on my entire ready to wear line which would hit the stores this spring."

"Things have definitely shaped up in terms of branding, my brand is more recognised now due to LFW and hence I feel it's irrelevant if I get buyers or not as season after season my brand is recognised much more than before that inadvertently helps me get more orders.

"It started off with one buyer, Satva in Bandra, Mumbai and now we have started stocking on outright basis with Creo every 2 months, Aza every 4-6 months. International orders include Haya couture (Dubai), 75 (South Africa) and a whole bunch of personal clients from NYC, London, Durban, Johannesburg etc."

Designers Soumitra Mondal said, "The infrastructure was better and the audience was more focused as against the general walk-in crowd. I especially liked The Source. It made business smoother and easier. Ensemble and Azaa placed orders basis this year's collection. When I showcase in India, I design primarily for the Indian audience.

"That said, my collection was well received by the international audience too. While Pia Ka Ghar (United States) expressed interest in the collection, Swiss stylist Johanna Kiplinger is keen to collaborate with me in developing fabrics for the international market. Post my showcase at LFW SR 2013; I've been invited to participate in the Green Showroom Berlin Fashion Week.

"I'm very happy with this season's performance especially when the registers indicate bookings worth 15 lacs, approximately 150 garments."

"The exposure and visibility I received as a debutante at LFW SR 2013 was fantastic. I'm glad I had the chance to introduce my work to such a widespread audience. I'm also happy it translated into orders from individuals and boutiques," shared Gen Next designer Raghini Ahuja.

"One of the highlights for me was my interaction with magazines and their response to my collection. Elle recently sourced collection garments for a photo shoot. Also, stylists for Deepika Padukone and Huma Qureshi have approached me for my ramp collection. I'm looking forward to an interesting year courtesy LFW," said Ahuja.

Talent Box designer Karishma Shahani Khan said "I had a better season this year at LFW SR 2013. I received an enthusiastic response from buyers and spectators alike. To discuss business, this season has proved fruitful with over 100 orders (approx 5 lacs) from boutiques and individual buyers.

"While I already retail at select outlets, I have two new stores I look forward to doing business with: Laki-Noon in Kuwait and Nautanki in Ahmedabad, both of which have confirmed orders from my collection at LFW S/R 2013.

"Interestingly, I have received an order on consignment basis from a ready-to-launch online portal 'Secret Space'. In all it's been a rather exciting and encouraging season for me."

Shruti Sancheti, who showed on the Textile Day at LFW SR 2013, said, "Summer/Resort 2013 was my 4th season at Lakme Fashion Week. The 'Save our Tiger' initiative left an indelible mark this season and was a personal highlight for me. I've always enjoyed a positive response at LFW and business this year was good too.

"While I have confirmed interest from regulars like Azaa, Kimaya, Atosa, Rudraaksh, Nautanki, Fuel, Araha (we met at Wills, but my Lakme Collection was the deal clincher) and Orra, there are 7 new buyers in my portfolio including Malgari (Chennai), Vedam (Kolkata) and Avni Bhansali from Ahmedabad."

Designers Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam, who had a stall at 'The Source', said, "We have been at Lakme for five seasons now and it's always been a good experience for us to start with and has nurtured us along the way.

"We have observed a good continuity of buyers here and it's great to come back and do business with them every season. We had a great season this time as well. In addition to the 25 odd stores we do business with, we added 12 new buyers to our list this time."

Buyer Rakhi Bhutani from AURA shared, "AURA has been a part of Lakme Fashion Week since its first season which was more than 12 years ago; it still feels new every time. It has produced few of the finest designers in the industry, is also, known to launch new talent. Apart from the established designers and Gen Next we are also always on the lookout for the International designers, a gap that LFW has bridged and taken us on Global map, which we all should be proud of.

"We've been working with the first set of Gen Next designers till now and have seen them growing successfully in front of us. Coming season we are on the look out of the collections from Gen Next designers, Anushka Khanna, Aarti vijay Gupta, Ken Ferns,Asmita Marwah, Deepti Pruthi,Farah n Firdos, Gaurang Shah, Khem, Masaba, Shivan n Narresh, Mayank and Shraddha, Narendra Kumar, Nikhil Thampi, Pia Pauro, Huemn, Purvi Doshi, Ritika, Sailex, Sneha Arora, Soumitra Mondal, Sougat Paul, Sounia Gohil, Swati Jain, Munkee, Vaishali S and Yogesh Chowdhry. We are launching the accessory designers as well."

"This year one designer we would seriously like to work with is Naeem Khan. Would be looking forward for the next season with fresh creativity and a new beginning as always."

"We have been coming to Lakme Fashion Week for six years now and feel it is an excellent platform for new designers, they get superb exposure here. Unlike Wills, here they don't get lost and get their deserving due. This season from the Gen Next batch, we particularly liked Stephany and Raghini. We have invested in their collections. In comparison to the MSA, Talent Box at the source was also fantastic, it was almost like a mini MSA," said Azmina Rahimtoola, Atosa.

"The team at LFW and designers have put in a lot effort on Talent Box, which is visible right from the clothes to backstage and other details. At Atosa, we look at creations that suit the look of the store and we have placed orders with Nupur Kanoi, Shruti Sancheti and Vaishali S, with whom we are launching ramp to store summer looks between 15th to 20th April 2013," said Rahimtoola.

"I thought it was quite interesting; an eclectic mix of Indo-Western influence. The overall experience was amazing with lots of adrenaline rush. It was a pleasure to see such diversity amongst the designers, some already established and a few upcoming talents," said Mrunal Khimji of Mrunal's Boutique, Muscat.

"We are looking forward to working with the giants like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Talhiani, Shantanu and Nikhil, Masaba Gupta and Pankaj and Nidhi. Their collections this season were very inspiring and can't wait to see what the will come up with next year," said Khimji.

Pooja Agarwal from Panache shared, "I have been coming to LFW for 2.5 years now and felt this season was very good, there were a lot new and emerging talent beside the old associations. Also, we had a lot more indo-western cuts this time and shows overall were very good.

"Team at LFW was very helpful and the designers extremely professional. We have placed orders with Shraddha and Mayank, Sougat Paul, Khushbo and Prem and Suhani Pittie."

Loulwah Almeshwah and Nourah Almushawwah of Laki Noon, Kuwait, said: "We run a fashion boutique in Kuwait and came to Lakme Fashion Week to source outfits from both young and established designers in India. The finish and the variety of Indian fabric are extremely popular in Kuwait. We have sourced creations from around 20 designers this season."

First timer at Lakme Fashion Week, Arvind Saraf of Triveni Sarees said, "This was our first time at Lakme Fashion week as a buyer and it provided us with a quick platform to look at the works of, evaluate and talk to the established and upcoming designers at a single place.

"There's a lot more awareness about the electronic retail potential amongst the buyers, both in understanding, and design sensibility required, which is a healthy sign. We are in talks to various designers and labels about a collection sharing arrangement, including Agnimitra Paul, Lotus Sutr, Shubh, Siyaahi, and a few others. It definitely was great businesswise and we look forward to the next season."

The LFW Summer/Resort 2013 was held from Mar 22 to 26 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai.

(Posted on 04-04-2013)