Chennai, May 11 IANS | 2 years ago

Hits don't necessarily make an actor successful says Telugu star Aadi Pudipeddi, who with two back-to-back hits feels unsatisfied because he says he has a long way to go before he can bask in success.

"I may have scored two back-to-back hits but that doesn't make me a successful actor yet. My career has just begun and, therefore, I won't be so easily satisfied. I have a long way to go before I can feel successful," Aadi told IANS.

Aadi's successive hit films include Telugu romantic-drama "Prema Kavali" and "Lovely".

"Every actor will have a have a film that will make him a star. I haven't had such a film yet and I'm eagerly waiting for it. I'm glad my films have brought me success but I still don't consider myself a successful actor," he added.

Were you not satisfied with your last two films?

"Satisfaction is not always based on the success of a film; it's also about going that extra mile and proving yourself as an actor. I wouldn't say I wasn't satisfied with the success of last two films, but as an actor I definitely feel I can do better," he said.

His third film "Sukumarudu" released Friday.

"It might just be that one film I have been waiting for a while. If it's not then the wait will continue for the film that will satisfy me as an actor too," Aadi said.

(Posted on 11-05-2013)