Mumbai, May 8 IBNS | 2 years ago

To celebrate its 65th Anniversary, automobile giant Land Rover India launched the Land Rover Experience programme to give existing and prospective customers an opportunity to experience the all-terrain capability of its products.

The programme was started with an event near Mumbai where over 100 guests experienced a trail that involved driving Land Rover vehicles over terrain such as steep inclines, rocks, mud, ruts and through water.

Talking from the first event, Rohit Suri, Vice President, Jaguar Land Rover India said: "The aim of the Land Rover Experience events in India is to allow existing and potential customers to experience the breadth of capability of our vehicles.

"This trail was chosen for its wide range of challenging terrains, giving our guests an authentic off-road experience in 'unmodified' vehicles. The guests attending this event were overwhelmed with our vehicle capability and thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Sharing his experience at the event, Aditya Patel, a Mumbai based Land Rover enthusiast, said: "The Land Rover experience was a very memorable one, but also a little daunting as I never imagined that a Land Rover was able to get through such conditions with so much ease."

Another guest Abhishek Mantri said: "This experience was one of a kind - the track contained rock, gravel, mud, water and the Freelander just kept going and going without any problems."

The Land Rover Experience will now be extended to several cities throughout India.

(Posted on 08-05-2013)