Los Angeles, Dec 29 IANS | 2 years ago

Christina Fulton, who claims that four of her computers were stolen because the burglars were targeting a Charlie Sheen sex tape, says she can prove herself with a copy of the tape.

Tmz.com reports that Fulton triggered the investigation by reporting the theft, but police never found the computers or the sex tape.

Nonetheless, Christina's former handyman, Ricardo Orozco, has been arrested and charged with the burglary.

Two other people, who were on the scene, were cleared because there wasn't enough solid proof to mount a solid case.

But now Christina says she has proof - a copy of the tape - and she has told the police she will fork it over next week, according to tmz.com.

The tape could be critical evidence as Orozco and the other two went to the office of Sheen's lawyer shortly after the burglary asking what they would pay for the tape.

If cops determine the tape did indeed exist and can link it to Christina's computer, it could be a smoking gun in the criminal case. And it's possible the D.A. could take another look at the other two alleged accomplices.

(Posted on 29-12-2013)