Assam outfit group marks 20th anniversary

Guwahati, Dec 28 : Assam based militant outfit group Kamtapur Liberation Organization (KLO) on Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of its foundation here.

KLO General Secretary Kailash Koch in his speech on the occasion extended revolutionary greetings to the people of Kamatapur and paid tribute to the cadres of the outfit group.

He said, " I would like to extend my revolutionary greetings to the oppressed people of Kamatapur. I pay my honour to the cadres of KLO especially those who displayed magnificent heroism and martyred in Bhutan's 'Operation All Clear' of 2003."

Excerpts from Koch's speech:

"Respected revolutionary brothers, sisters and friends of Kamatapur, Today is an auspicious day for us as we are going to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Kamatapur Liberation Organization.

To begin with, I would like to extend my revolutionary greetings to the oppressed people of Kamatapur. I pay my honor to the cadres of Kamatapur Liberation Organization especially those who displayed magnificent heroism and martyred in Bhutan's 'Operation All Clear' of 2003. I also convey my special greetings to those cadres whose whereabouts are still not known after they have been apprehended by the Indian Army in the operation.

Cadres who are behind bars at this moment have also been remembered with warm greetings. I also pay my honor to the political and nonpolitical organizations, Social activists and Kamatapuri people for encouraging and helping us to run the organization smoothly.

At the same time, on this occasion, I extend my revolutionary greetings to the revolutionary parties of our region viz. CorCom of Manipur, NSCN (K), NDFB (S), ULFA and NLFT.

Today is the anniversary of the KLO. To recapitulate in 1993, on the 28th of December, our Chairman, Jiban Singh and some Kamatapuri intellectuals had a mind
boggling session and came up with the idea of KLO to liberate Kamatapur from the Indian colonial rule, against the unlawful 'Merger agreement' and Indian uppressive regime.

In spite of the unbearable hardships and although many KLO cadres and Kamtapuris were killed in the course of our liberation movement, KLO is still continuing the struggle and will fight relentlessly.

On this auspicious day, I, on behalf of the KLO would like to make a commitment before the people of Kamatapur that our fight against the enemy will continue until we achieve our goal, i.e. the Independence of Kamatapur from the Indian colonial rule. Kamatapur was neither a part of India nor did we have any relations with India.

Even during the British rule in the Indian sub-continent, Kamatapur was never annexed to British India. She was a sovereign country before and also after India got independence till the 28th of August 1949. But after the independence of India, Kamatapur lost her independence.

After 1947 the dominion of India forced Maharaja Jagaddependra Narayan to merge Kamatapur (Koch Behar) with India. At that particular historical phase, a large-scale influx of foreigners into the region began as a result of the communal riots between the Hindus and Muslims in neighboring East Pakistan (present Bangladesh).

It was in such a fluid situation that India set a sinister plan to annex the kingdom of Kamatapur (Koch Behar) to the dominion of India. Indian agents spread the rumor that Pakistan was hatching a conspiracy to merge it with East Pakistan. The Maharaja Jagaddependra Narayan was not that much sharp to tackle the Indian game. He was simply swayed emotionally by the rumor. Thus, he was trapped in the Indian sinister plan effortlessly.

Maharaja Jagaddependra Narayan was cajoled into coming to New Delhi by Indian leaders. He was made to sign the pre-drafted 'Kamatapur (Koch Behar) Merger Agreement' under duress on 20th August, 1948. However, the annexation of Kamatapur (Koch Behar) was officially announced after one year from the day of signing the agreement, which is on the 28th August 1949. Since then Kamatapur (Koch Behar) became apart 'C' state under Indian colonial constitution until she was, in a malefic way, annexed with West-Bengal and Assam in two parts on the 1st January 1950.

Bidhan Chandra Roy, the then CM of WB, sympathized the Hindu Bengali refugees because of their ethnic affinity. So, he supported the inflow of refugee and made Hindu Bengalis settled in Kamatapur, in the land of Kamatapuris. Ever since the annexation, India Govt. and West Bengal Govt. have adopted several measures to dilute/pollute the Kamatapuri national identity within the so called Indian mainstream.

On account of the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, many Hindu Bengali refugees fled from East Pakistan. More than 45 lakhs of Hindu Bengali refugees came from East Pakistan to Kamatapur during 1946 to 1971. Again, after the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country in 1971, another 20 lakhs Hindu Bengali refugees made its settlement in Kamatapur. Consequently, the foreign national (Hindu Bengali refugees) systematically dominated all spheres of Kamtapuri life, beginning from politics and economy to even their cultural life. Above all, they started snatching the Kamatapuri land holdings from Kamatapuri people by acting laws like West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1981. This is a dangerous threat to Kamatapuri people in their own ancestral homeland.

We, the Kamatapuri people have become minority in our homeland. However, in 1941 according to British census, 80% of the total population of Kamatapur composed of indigenous Kamatapuri, while the remaining 20% were that of foreigners. Now the demographic figure in Kamatapur (Koch Behar) got reversed alarmingly that more than 60% of total population of Kamatapur are Hindu Bengalis, when the indigenous Kamatapuris are less than 40%.

Immigration is a huge challenge, which in fact, calls for an immediate and objective response from Kamatapuri people. Foreign occupation is the root-cause of all these problems. 'Indians and Bengalis are not allowed in our ancestral land' and 'liberate Kamatapur from Indian colonial Rules should be our political slogans.

Once more, we would like to announce that we the Kamtapuris do not hesitate in giving any kind of sacrifice which will be necessary for getting back our pre-merger political status. To wage an armed national struggle and to liberate ourselves from the Indian political bondage is the only fitting response to these daunting challenges mentioned above.

To strengthen our people, we require revitalization of our inner souls. Strong conviction will make us strong. If we can uproot our fears, we can understand our reality, our strength and our enemy's weaknesses. Therefore, on this occasion, let's reaffirm our resolve to liberate our motherland. To liberate our motherland we need more sacrifices. Let's prepare for such sacrifices."

--IBNS (Posted on 28-12-2013)

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