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Screening of 'Teen Kanya' stopped at hall owned by KMC

Posted on Nov 03, 09:52PM | UNI

Screening of 'Teen Kanya', a newly released Bengali film, was stopped at a hall owned by the Trinamool Congress-run Kolkata Municipal Corporation today reportedly as it has a reference to the infamous Park Street rape case.

The Mamata Banerjee government, however, denied banning the film, which was being screened at Star Theatre hall.

The film's director Agnideb Chattopadhyay said, 'I was informed by Star theatre authorities that since they think the film has an anti-Government propaganda they have decided not to screen it.' 'I was shocked after I came to know that the theatre has taken the decision. It is a thriller. I absolutely did not try to send out any political message through the movie,' he said.

'Some are claiming that the film has portrayed the Park Street rape case with an anti-establishment message. I want to say that this is incorrect,' he said.

Claiming that the report of the government forced a ban on the film was 'untrue', Home Secretary Basudeb Banerjee said though the hall was owned by the KMC, it had been leased out to a private company, and so the government was not responsible for taking the film off the screen.

'The Government has no desire to ban any film. It is being said that the government has banned it. It is totally baseless. The government has not interfered in any way,' the Home Secretary said.

The movie stars popular Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta. State Education Minister Bratya Basu, who is also a noted stage personality, has a guest appearance in it.