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Yvonne Connolly called to confirm about Ronan Keating: Francine Cornell

Posted on Oct 15, 10:17AM | IANS

Dancer Francine Cornell, who had an affair with singer Ronan Keating, says she was shocked when the latter's model wife Yvonne Connolly called and confronted things with her.

The 28-year-old dancer met Keating in 2009 during the singer's band Boyzone's tour. However it was a tough situation for her when she received the call.

"I answered it and this woman said, 'Hi Francine, it's Yvonne Keating.' My heart was in my mouth. She asked me if I loved Ronan and said she did too. I think she wanted a reassurance that I wouldn't go public because she had small children to protect and I gave her that. There was never anything nasty said but she was really angry with Ronan," thesun.co.uk quoted Cornell as saying.

The two ladies even met each other later here, after the news of Keating's affair went public. Cornell says the model was very nice to her.

"She was lovely, really nice. We were there for a few hours, laughing together, crying together. We drank a couple of bottles of wine. We talked about lots of things, how she felt, how I felt. She assured me that they were working at their marriage, that everything was going back to normal," she said.

Keating has three children with Connolly and were married for 14 years before parting ways.