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Moss, Rihanna at Harry Styles bachelor pad!

Posted on Oct 07, 04:22PM | IANS

Teen singer Harry Styles, who prefers older woman, has ordered pictures of Kate Moss, 38, and Rihanna, 24, to hang in his 3 million-pound bachelor pad here.

Harry, 18, is reportedly splashing out 100,000 pounds on works by Banksy and female graffiti artist Bambi.

"We've had a call from a dealer who says Harry is looking for investment art, but modern and funky," dailymail.co.uk quoted art trader Lenny Villa as saying. "We're sending him Bambi's painting of Rihanna and a Banksy print of Kate Moss. Harry knows Robbie Williams and Brad Pitt own a Bambi."

Harry is a member of the English boy band One Direction.