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Chris Brown wants relationship with Rihanna to work

Posted on Oct 07, 10:51AM | IANS

Singer Chris Brown is desperate to make his relationship with Rihanna work for the second time.

Brown recently split from girlfriend Karrueche Tran because he couldn't give up his "friendship" with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. He was convicted for assualting her in 2009.

According to Brown's friends, he wants to put things right with Rihanna.

"He's doing s**t right this time and is going to really try to make this s**t work with Rihanna. They got caught up a few times, being drunk and doing some backwards... s**t in the club but, come on, they (are) young and in love," a friend told HollywoodLife.com, reports contactmusic.com.

"People be getting it twisted, thinking my boy a dog. He ain't. Not at all," the friend added.