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Best Seller Book Reviews: Broken by Laura Hillenbrand

Posted on Sep 14, 11:48PM | TINN

Laura Hillenbrand released her bookUnbroken: A World War II Story of Survival. This is a book that is steeped inhistory.

It tells about the Second World War and also on topics of survival,resilience etc.

The whole book follows the narration ofZamperini. It deals with his life from when he was a kid till now. Through thecourse of his journey on land and sea, Zamperini braves on, powered by his manyachievements- his accomplishment as an Olympian runner, first world war pilotsurvivor etc. The character is quite endearing to the reader, because of theamount of calamities he faces and braves through.

This certainly one ofthe most watched out for books of the year and it should certainly be on yourreading list. This is a story that can really motivate people and it is alsowell written! Buying Broken is a decision people would not really accept.