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Taylor Swift's long-term love with cat

Posted on Mar 01, 03:06PM | IANS

Los Angeles, Mar 1 : Singer Taylor Swift loves her Scottish Fold cat named Meredith. She prefers spending the night stroking her cat, rather than be with a man.

"Meredith is such a cute cat. She looks like an owl. She's so chilled out. She's not impressed by anything. It is the one long-term relationship that I have had," contactmusic.com quoted Swift as saying.

"I don't carry her in a purse or take her out to restaurants or anything like that, though. I am not that kind of cat owner," she added.

Swift is so obsessed with cats that she often spends her spare time watching various video clips of furry felines on the internet and she even adds photos of cats to her pictures.

"I also like watching YouTube videos of kittens and the app CatPaint, where you add cats to photographs. I CatPaint all my pictures," she said.