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When Madonna chose Kutcher over Moore

Posted on Feb 27, 10:41PM | IANS

Los Angeles, Feb 27 : Singer Madonna has reportedly shown clear support to Ashton Kutcher, snubbing her once-best friend Demi Moore.

Kutcher was seen partying at Madonna's annual post-Oscar party but his estranged wife Demi Moore was nowhere in the picture, reports radaronline.com.

Moore and Madonna are known as best of friends and the former even played a host at the 2011 Oscar bash.

A source present at the party said: "When Ashton walked in, it got the crowd buzzing. Madonna's never spoken about the split, but it's obvious she's sided with him over Demi."

"It was kind of shocking as Demi has even hosted the party with Madonna in the past, so it's even more of a mega snub. Madonna clearly loves Ashton though, they were dancing together a lot throughout the night and flirting up a storm," the source added.

Kutcher and Moore parted ways in 2011 after he was caught cheating on their sixth wedding anniversary.