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25,000 internal cases against cops pending

Posted on Feb 10, 07:23PM | IBNS

By Hemanta Kumar Nath, Guwahati, Feb 10 : A total of 24,911 cases of departmental proceedings against policemen remained pending for disposal up to the year 2012 in India, government data shows.

According to the latest report of Police organizations in India, a total of 62,525 cases of departmental proceedings, including those brought forward from previous year against police personnel in the country were processed during 2011.

Of these cases, 37,614 were initiated and subsequently disposed off, while 24,911 proceedings remained pending for disposal.

According to the report, highest number of 2,965 departmental proceedings in Uttar Pradesh remained pending, followed by Tamil Nadu (2,315), Andhra Pradesh (2,077), Kerala (1,969), Gujarat (1,893), Orissa (1,708), Jharkhand (1,493), Delhi (1,475), Jammu and Kashmir (1,350), Madhya Pradesh (1,342), Rajasthan (1,288).

Apart from these states, 887 cases remained pending in West Bengal, 846 in Maharashtra, 781 in Karnataka, 737 in Haryana, 551 in Assam, 256 in Chhattisgarh, 180 each in Bihar and Manipur, 170 in Chandigarh, 155 in Arunachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile, the highest number of 9,544 departmental proceedings were initiated and disposed of in Uttar Pradesh during the year 2011, followed by 4,200 in Tamil Nadu and 4,041 in Andhra Pradesh, 3,401 in Rajasthan, 3,100 in Jammu and Kashmir, 2,762 in Jharkhand, 1,662 in Madhya Pradesh, 1,436 in Gujarat.

In the year 2011, 24,795 cases of departmental proceedings were remained pending.