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Day after Fatwa, Srinagar's girls music band disbands

Posted on Feb 05, 03:07PM | UNI

Srinagar, Feb 4 : The music of the all-Girl band in Srinagar stopped today a day after Fatwa by the Grand Mufti, only to give way to the clutter created by the religious edict.

The girls band--'Pragash'--which had given a stage performance in December 2012 to a packed auditorium, was issued a Fatwa yesterday by Grand priest Mufti Bashir-ud-Din who described such performance by girls as ''unislamic.''

The Mufti, citing the instance of the December 16 gangrape of the 23-year-old paramedic in New Delhi, said such horrific incidents could get provoked.

The Mufti asked the girls not to demonstrate their singing skills in front of men.

''When girls come in front of young men, can they control their desires,'' the Mufti asked.

The Fatwa created a major controversy with most politicians supporting the girls and coming down heavily on attempts to curb freedom of expression.