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80pc power being purchased in Kashmir

Posted on Jan 31, 11:58AM | UNI

Srinagar, Jan 30 : About 80 per cent of the power was being purchased from different parts of the country, the including northern grid, to provide electricity to people in the Kashmir valley.

Officials said against the requirement of 1000 mega watts of electricity, only 200 mega watts were being generated locally.

The remaining power was being purchased from different parts of the country on higher rates to provide electricity to the people on subsidised rates.

Against 8.50 lakh registered consumers, electronic meters have been installed in 3.50 lakh households, they said, adding that most of the population in the Valley demand installation of metres in their areas and cooperate fully in paying the bills.

The Power Development Department (PDD) has collected a revenue of Rs 700 crores during the last financial year in the Valley, they said.

Around 250 electric transformers are available for replacement and 360 damaged ones are under repairs in various workshops out of total 20,000 functional transformers in the Valley.

The officials said under the Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (APDRP) scheme about Rs 191 crore are being spent on application pact which includes IT deata centres, servers, hardware base lines, mapping consumer indexing which has been outsourced to Wipro and is presently in progress, maintenance of HT and LT installations, transformers, replacement of wires and poles, feeders, cabling, stations and sub-stations.

Two new grid stations at Delina and Shopian are being commissioned shortly besides work on 19 receiving stations is apace.