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Book on 'Haiku' by Linda Ashoke released

Posted on Jan 30, 09:54PM | IBNS

By Gourab Gupta, Kolkata, Jan 30 : A book on 'Haiku', a short form of Japanese poems related to nature penned by Linda Ashoke on Wednesday was launched by Bengali poet, writer and editor Subodh Sarkar at the Oxford book store here.

Titled as 'Significance of the Insignificant', the book is the debut collection of Japanese short poems - 'Haiku' by the poet.

Linda's collection of short poetry is divided into four phases of a butterfly's life.

Each phase describes a beautiful transition from a caterpillar to a pretty butterfly.

The book was published by Cyberwit Publishers.

Subodh Sarkar said, "This is the beauty of reading poems like 'haiku' which takes a very short time to be read."

He also asked Linda to carry on with this specific genre.

A short session of question and answer between Sarkar and Linda followed the book launch.

During the conversation Linda also admitted that she wants to build up a complete school, catering to poetry only in India.

Being an activist Linda also puts emphasis on balancing the art of life with activism.

She chose to write 'haiku' because in today's fast life people do not have much time to read poems or be associated with literature.

"Haiku even though short in length can have great impact on people's mind," Linda said.