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India urges UN to place poverty eradication at core of UNDP activities

Posted on Jan 30, 09:37AM | UNI

New Delhi, Jan 29 : India today urged the UN to place poverty eradication at the heart of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s operational activities for development, pointing out that the objective was the highlight of the roadmap Rio+20 laid down for the 'future we want'

''For the UN development system to be successful globally, it needs to be firmly rooted in its core focus area, which has primarily to be development related only, and that the 'D' in UNDP should stand for decimating poverty,'' Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations said at this year's first regular session of Executive Board of UNDP. Mr Puri stressed that the UN must ensure that effective implementation mechanisms and the means that developing countries need to achieve the same, are followed up, and provided for, by the multilateral system. He said with the adoption of the quadrennial comprehensive policy review (QCPR) Resolution by the 67th UNGA, this has been made even more abundantly clear. For the first time ever, in such a resolution, there was a section dedicated exclusively to Poverty Eradication, in which the UN had been given the mandate by 193 member states to 'assign the highest priority to poverty eradication' which had been reaffirmed in the same resolution as the ''greatest global challenge,'' he said.

Mr Puri also stressed that the findings of the evaluation report on UNDP's contribution to poverty reduction needed to be taken seriously, and expressed the hope that in the crafting of the next strategic plan, the specific message from this report would be addressed

He said for the next strategic plan for the period 2014-2017, it was absolutely imperative that all the 'actionables' that the UN Development System and its agencies had been called upon by member states to pursue by the QCPR, were not just incorporated but also implemented as part of the strategic plan being so developed

''It would also be prudent to dovetail these actionables into those UNDP country programmes, which are synchronous with the time period of the QCPR,'' he said. Mr Puri also expressed reservation against the proposed creation of a contingency fund by allocation of USD 46.8 million dollars

He said he saw no reason why money from an already shrinking resource pool for programming activities of member states should be kept aside, when the same precedent to which its existence is being borrowed from, illustrates that last year more than 80 per cent had gone unutilised

Mr Puri also said before allocating the fund it should be considered whether there was any specific need of the fund

''These are some questions that do merit some answers before we proceed to establishing, what we feel is a misnomer in the name of a Contingency Fund,'' he said