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China to deal with members who affect party's image

Posted on Jan 28, 09:48PM | IANS

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Monday promised to strengthen the management of party members, and said it would deal with the members who have affected the party's vigour and vitality, image and prestige.

At a meeting of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, the party promised to "deal with unqualified members in a timely way", Xinhua reported.

Many CPC leaders warned that a handful of members were "corrupt and degenerate".

"The faith of a few party members has wavered and they have a weak understanding of the party's tenets and have not followed discipline," said a statement issued after the meeting.

Presided over by next Chinese president and party general secretary Xi Jinping, the meeting discussed strengthening the recruitment and management of party members.

"Some party organs are not strict with enlisting members and the quality of members who are recruited needs improvement," the statement said.

Such problems have "affected the party's vigour and vitality", and its image and prestige among the public, it said.

Such members have also impaired the party's "creativity, cohesiveness and combat power".

The leaders promised to be strict with inner-party regular activities and party discipline.

The party will also improve the management of "floating members" who do not work or live in places where their membership is registered and cannot regularly attend party activities, it said.