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India tests underwater missile launch

Posted on Jan 28, 11:07AM | IBNS

India on Sunday successfully test-fired a 1,500 km-range ballistic missile from an underwater platform in the Bay of Bengal, cementing its nuclear triad capabilities.

India has long pursued the ability to fire nuclear missiles from land, air and sea -- a capability that is currently only possessed only by four countries USA, Russia, France and China.

At 1:40 pm on Sunday, the missile dubbed BO5 or K-5 was launched from an approximate depth of about 50 metres, the same depth of launch from India's nuclear submarine INS Arihant.

The missile followed its trajectory perfectly and hit its target about six minutes later, completing the fourteenth consecutive successful test of the weapon system.

About 200 scientists and engineers took part in the test of the missile that has been in development by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). for fifteen years.