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Maoist attacked-chopper repaired

Posted on Jan 23, 12:27PM | IBNS

The Indian Air Force (IAF) MI-17 IV helicopter damaged by suspected Maoist firing near Timalwara was on Tuesday repaired and flown back to the base on Tuesday.

The helicopter was on a rescue mission to the Timalwara helipad on Jan 18 when it was hit by ground fire by suspected Maoist rebels in an attack that wounded a IAF wireless operator.

Multiple bullet hits extensively damaged the fuel tank, hydraulic system, rotor blades and AC generator resulting in hot oil and fuel gushing into the passenger compartment followed by failure of various systems.

The helicopter was skillfully maneuvered and handled by the air crew and forced landed in a clear patch to minimise further damage, a government statement said.

The helicopter is now fully serviceable and back into operations to support the paramility forces operating in that area.