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Minor gymnast becomes center of attraction at Kumbh

Posted on Jan 21, 07:57PM | UNI

A minor gymnast is grabbing attention of devotees, especially the foreign tourists, at Kumbh Mela in this religious city of Uttar Pradesh.

Five-year-old Reshma of Chhattisgarh does not know much about Kumbh -- one of the biggest religious affairs where she has come.

The only thing she knows is that she has to walk on a rope and perform gymnastic at a crowded place to earn good money.

Stephen, a foreigner who is here at Kumbh, said "I am astonished to see a minor girl performing such entertaining acts." "Reshma possesses all the qualities to become a good gymnast," he said, adding, she walks on a rope as if it is a concrete road.

Performing in front of 'akharas' proves more profitable for the girl as many saints and foreign tourists are present there.

Reshma's family will stay in Allahabad till the Kumbh mela is on.