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Teachers to be punished for giving corporal punishment to students

Posted on Jan 17, 09:39PM | UNI

While students and teachers have been working towards complying with Right to Education (RTE) norms, spreading knowledge has become a tough vocation for teachers.

The Maharashtra education department has stated that any teacher found giving corporal punishments to students would be liable for suspension.

The RTE, introduced in 2009, brought in protection of students, stipulating that those in classes I to VIII should not be punished. Soon, the department of education went ahead with inspections of schools to get an idea about punishments being given in class.

Keeping the RTE directive in mind, the department has now said that any teacher who punishes students, thereby causing mental or physical stress, is liable to be suspended from the job.

Though the act has been in force since 2009, it was found that teachers regularly punished students using physical means.

When contcted Prakash Charate, deputy Education Inspector, Zone 1,Mumbai, said that under RTE norms, a teacher should not punish a student. Corporal punishment lead to mental disturbances. Physical,mental and stressful punishments will ensure a teacher's suspension,he said.

When asked about the procedure for registering complaints, Mr Charate added 'A student or his parents can register a complaint to the Education department of the wards and immediate action will be taken. The suspension can also lead to a police case if the punishment is found.'