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I'm very loyal: Kimberley Walsh

Posted on Jan 05, 11:12AM | IANS

Singer Kimberley Walsh says she is "loyal" to her Girls Aloud bandmates and makes sure that she doesn't comment upon their personal lives.

The band consists of Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding, Cheryl Cole and Walsh.

"If the question is about you, you can justify or explain the answer yourself. But if you're commenting on a friend's relationship, especially if it's in the early stages, I feel like it's something they should be the ones to talk about, if and when they choose to," contactmusic.com quoted Walsh as saying.

She recently got defensive when asked about Cheryl's relationship with Tre Holloway.

"I'm very loyal. I would never speak about somebody else's business. And the thing is, we're all genuine friends. We know each other so well and we know what each of us would be happy talking about and what things we shouldn't," she added.