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4-day training camp by Hazare in Maharashtra'

Posted on Jan 02, 05:01PM | UNI

Social crusader Anna Hazare today announced a four-day training camp for those who have expressed willingness to join his movement against corruption.

Hazare said a group of 400 workers will underego training at Ralegaon Siddhi between January 10 and 13. He plans to conduct such sessions every three or four months on a regular basis.

In a statement issued here, Hazare said, 'the group of 400 workers identified for the training consists of about 200 people who have expressed willingness to dedicate their life for the movement. The others would spare time for the movement. The training will help them strengthen their thought process'.

'The training will also provide basic overview of various laws and issues such as Lokpal, right to reject, powers of the gram sabha and others. After the training, these youths are expected to spread the message in their respective areas by connecting with like-minded people", Hazare said.

Hazare said he has planned to begin his nation-wide tour from the Mahatma Gandhi ground in Patna on January 30 and it will continue for the next one and half-year.