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Gehlot ridicules efforts for third front in Rajasthan

Posted on Jan 02, 04:17PM | UNI

Efforts for formation of a third front in political scenario in Rajasthan reportedly by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh and his Samajwadi Party are unlikely to make much impact in the state, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot feels.

Talking to the media here today, Mr Gehlot while responding to a question over the proposed state visit of his Uttar Pradesh counterpart, held that such activities should go on and Mr Yadav is welcome.

"Third front, fourth or fifth front, all these things are routine and welcome moves, let them come up, they would work on their mission and we shall also continue to further our task-work," Mr Gehlot said, adding he and his party had made commitments to people and those were being worked out and implemented.

He said, " Our words and actions do match, we have full faith in the wisdom of the people, the history is witness, the people had de-throned then Prime Minister Indiraji and then they threw out of power those who wanted to lodge her into jail ,instead gave her thumping mandate to return to the power." "So, the wisdom and the common sense of Indian people are extra-ordinary and robust, I have full faith in it, me and my party/government do what we commit for to the people where as our opponents differ on this count, they just want to mislead the people by their lip service and grab power," Mr Gehlot said.