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New York, favourite city for nightlife

Posted on Dec 24, 07:42PM | IBNS

Suffering insomnia or just fancy a big night out: New York is the city to visit for matchless nightlife, according to a recent survey by the hotels expert Hotels.com.

The survey, which questioned 27,000 travellers from around the world, shows that the Big Apple is the world's best city when it comes to night time entertainment.

Gamblers' paradise Las Vegas is the globetrotters' second favourite choice while London comes in at number three.

However, The Sin City-Las Vegas is the favourite destination for Indians to enjoy nightlife.

Following closely as the second most favourite destination is the city that never sleeps - Mumbai.

This city of Bollywood continues to enchant Indian travellers with its electrifying party venues, sea side locations and vibrant nightlife.

The global favourite nightlife destination New York, remains the third choice for Indians. Bangkok and London are other popular destinations; Indians would like to travel to enjoy nightlife.

The survey also reveals that, although the gold and silver medals go to the US, six out of the Top Ten cities are in Europe.

As well as London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Madrid all make it into the world's favourite list while Los Angeles and Bangkok, as the only Asian city, complete the Top Ten.

The world's Top Ten for a big night out

1. New York

2. Las Vegas

3. London

4. Paris

5. Barcelona

6. Berlin

7. Amsterdam

8. Madrid

9. Los Angeles

10. Bangkok